Welcome to SCAIRY TALES NOIR, home of "Fried Pickle Noir" and "Scairy Tales"!

Hello everybody. This disclaimer is just a friendly warning that this site is meant to entertain. However, this means I may offend someone with some of the products. Some of the content here from Scairy Tales Noir will not be understood by children and thus, is not meant for them. I strongly encourage parents to monitor what they wish to expose their children to so that they can control what content is welcome in their homes. 

Keeping that in mind, I also want to warn anyone visiting this site that they may not agree with some of the material presented here. "Scairy Tales", is a family friendly comic strip about children and meant to be for children of any age. It is very safe for all families. "Fried Pickle Noir", however is very true to 1920's and 1930's pulp crime noir, even though it is done in good fun and parody. The 'vegetable violence' is bloody and ,although meant to be humorous and silly, is not meant for children below the ages of 13 or those who are offended by violent crime, even if it's done in parody.

STUCK IN MY HEAD is meant for ADULTS in that it does contain profanity, fantasy violence/gore and sexual situations as it's about finding happiness through stress and trying to save your marriage.

The mini-comics "Family Mal-Use" and "Death by Baby" are meant to be violent and crass in the same way one would enjoy the television series, South Park or Family Guy, which although they are cartoons, are not meant for children nor anyone who would be offended by the nature of their subjective humor.

 I don't  mean to deter anyone from enjoying the comics or opinions on this site or in any of the products offered here. On the contrary, I want to be very specific about what readers should expect here in hopes they can enjoy these comics in the entertaining manner in the which they are meant. But we all have differing senses of humor and we can't possibly please everyone. For those taken aback by my comics, I  am sorry I could not be what you were wanting here. No hard feelings.

As an artist, I simply want avenues in which I can express myself creativity any way I wish. At times you will find me giving you family friendly comics like "Scairy Tales; the not so scary fairy tales". On other moments, I may produce a comic that may offend you with its violence, sexual situations or crude language even if it's done in jest or parody. Rest assured I will warn you with as best I can such as the 'For Ripened Adults Only' as on the Fried Pickle Noir series. Though the responsibility is yours should you go passed these warnings, I will do my part to let you know that some material may be inappropriate for some readers.

With that in mind, I hope you have a good time with one and all that I present to you here. Feel free to email with your opinions, critique or just plain 'ol suggestions as to how I might make these products better.

Most importantly, thank you for taking some of your precious time and allowing me to share it with you!


J.R. Mounts         

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