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Welcome to the EXTRAS page!  Here, there's some fun things like Fan Art, cool links, old sketches ,fun pictures of some the events and so much MORE! Keep checking for fun stuff as they're put up! Feel free to email about any of your own drawings of the characters !

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1-11-15 Tribute to the "Foto Nerd", Jake Benvenuto
Known as the "Foto Nerd", the geek world lost one of it's own today, Jake Benvenuto. As a favor to his friends and family, I pay homage in simple art. For any comfort it can bring, this is how I picture his reward for a good life.


A benefit honoring him is Feb 21st. Here's the event link:


1-12-16 Chris Garret makes SNOMBIE coffee art!
My writer pal Chris Garrett​ is also one heck of barista at his job with Starbucks. This SNOMBIE coffee shows off his skills to warm you up and chill you out at the same time!


8/10/15 Rabid Fried Pickle Noir fan on the loose!!!! He's armed with LEGOS!
Ha! Here's some fun and unsolicited fandom by Quinton Panza whom I met at Fanboy Expo. His nickname is, you guessed it...Q! We hit it off and he went full enchilada into the works of Q Cumbersome. Not too long ago, he graced me with these awesome pics of his custom Q Cumbersome Lego creation. Sit back and enjoy!



3/11/15 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best friend MICHAEL McQUADE!!!
Here's to my best buddy who's way out in California, Michael McQuade on his bday today! Not only is he my best bud, but he's also talented as HELL!! We were in bands together in high school and later we would write together a romantic musical based off of 'The Scarlet Letter' (ala Les Miz) that actually played New York for about a month back in 2001 in the village area. Well, the dude's written the work of his life with a script called 'The Magic Kingdom' that recently took second place at a big festival in Texas recently. Let's hope there's more life to it one day because the world MUST see this. Here's to you brother...
Your bro

3/11/15 New PICKLE art from my pals!
Yeppers, my arteest buds Eric Dotson and Lee Jiles, both of About Time Comics, did their dandiest renditions of 'ol pickle puss Q Cumbersome! Love these guys and you should too! Go over and see 'em by Googling ABOUT TIME COMICS.


2-26-15 Atlanta SNOWFLAKE...the bastard.

2-17-15 Q Cumbersome art gallery #2
More renditions of 'ol Q Cumbersome from FRIED PICKLE NOIR done by my artist pals Randy Bishop, Artist Rex, Peter Cutler and Jason Flowers! Love these guys and be sure to find 'em on my Facebook and at comic conventions everywhere!

1/30/15 Chattacon art commissions for Harley Quinn and my DC parody Bat Mood Man and Sidekick Kid vs The Jester! More of those guys later...

Made some new sketches in between sales at MAGFest. This one....KISS!!!!
This one's for my rockin' podcast bud's over at Pod Vomit (www.podvomit.com) , Nickelbag Rik and Justin who I have an interview with February! I'll post the interview once it's up and running!

1-20-15 Parody time! Star Wars meets Johnny Cash in "Ewok the Line" !!!
An artist on Facebook is trying to have other artists submit as many positive pics on Facebook as possible featuring Star Wars characters and I was challenged with an Ewok...my most hated Star Wars enemy until the awful Jar Jar Binks. I don't it came out too bad actually! I still hate them for cutting off the balls of my beloved Star Wars. Enjoy!


1-18-15 Trister Whitlee does some Fried Pickle fan art!
While at the Murfreesboro con, I met artist Trister Whitlee. We hit it off and he created some Q Cumbersome fan stuff from after reading issue #1 of 'The Raw Dill'. Fun stuff, check it out!

11-21-14 Fantasy art for Jonathan Linneman card game
My pal Jonathan Linneman loves to create D&D type card games and asked me to do some fantasy art for fantastical creatures, spell casts, etc...Here's what I've been coming up with along the way. He gives me complete freedom to think up anything at all, so I do! I'll update these as I go...He and I also collaborated on his other game "In a World Where Bricks Rule" seen below and reviewed in the MEDIA page!

Birthday art for my artist friends!
Whenever one of my pals has a birthday, I like to post a special art parody based on either their work or stuff they love. Plus, I love the challenge! I usually post this stuff on Facebook and annoy the heck outta them!
Some EXTRA art of my own! Random gags and projects I'm working on to get a laugh....
Here's some stuff from some of my artist pals! Check 'em out below!
"In a World Where Bricks Rule"
IAWWBR is a table top game created by my pal Jonathan Linneman that features brick type characters. You can read more about the game in the MEDIA page but here's all the art for all the characters I could think up along the guidelines of the game. Some are REALLY out there but it was AWESOME fun!
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