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Fried Pickle Noir series

Fried Pickle Noir, the ONLY comic series supported by the FDA to be healthy reading!

The Pulped Figtion Case Files of Q. Cumbersome, P.I. (Pickled Investigator)

FRIED PICKLE NOIR by J.R. Mounts. Officer Kirby Q Cumbersome was a Cumberland police officer until the mobs moved in, fried him alive and left him for dead. It didn't take. Now, fried pickle detective "Q" Cumbersome seeks revenge against the mob ingredients in a seedless city now known as The Pits! This Pickled Investigator is all business in the crime noir parody that has all the vitamins your eyes could ever need. Fruits and vegetables bump each other off...MOB STYLE! Q serves up the 'Veggie Splatter' as he squares off against the Potatoheads, Meatheads, Eggheads and MORE!
So, sit back and enjoy the crime noir parody that AIN'T IT COOL NEWS calls

"..dark and seedy in a Philip Marlowe sort of way...a real story with real characters, a book with plenty of meat!".
Grab a drink, a smoke and a seat while you read some real pulped fiction!

10-31-17 Celebrate Scairy Tales Noir  ANNIVERSARY with "Russet's Revenge"!
It was seven years ago I picked up a sketchbook for the express purpose to do something creative to make up for not having a career in music after many years trying. With that, Scairy Tales was created. Within a year after that, Fried Pickle Noir came and that was all she wrote, as the story goes.

Each year, I try to make sure I have a new book out by October to keep the anniversary momentum alive. This year, I was fortunate enough to finish not only a book for Scairy Tales (vol 4 called "LOVE, Exciting & New") but now, a fifth volume for Fried Pickle Noir with "Russet's Revenge". This one is my best pickle yet with more art and story than any other single pickle book, over 120 pages long! Click the STORE page to see all of my works and be sure to visit each series page for full samples of everything.

7-20-17 The NEXT book for Fried Pickle Noir is being drawn RIGHT NOW!!!!

That's right, ol' pickle puss just can't catch a break, unless it's his legs! Updates are coming soon so keep watching and I'll post samples to get yer tastebuds a waterin'!

Until then, go to the STORE page for any and all pickle books from "The RAw Dill", "KILLbasablanca", "The Dirty Half-Dozen", "The Origin Thrillogy" and "LEFTOVERS" vol 1, all available NOW!



NEW books for "Fried Pickle Noir"!!!!

Fried Pickle Noir: LEFTOVERS
vol 1--a collection of short stories relating to the previous 3 pickle books. Some old stories, some NEW, even a tale by my pal Ramblin' Ryan Faricelli​! This has some of my best new work, finally, and provides a great way to jump in and test the waters, one short tale at a time. IN COLOR no less! Well, color-ISH.

Fried Pickle Noir: Artbook 2015--The Fruits of Others' Labors
The first ever collection of fan art, various sketches for and with my fellow artist pals and things I've been saving up for just such an occasion. Wanna see some of my fellow arteest types show what they can do to a pickle? Well, now you'll know! Some of my most very favorite things I own are in here. You'll see work by myself, Randy Bishop​, Christopher Collins​,Bryan SilverBax​, Carie Varner-Faricelli​ and Dakota, Eric Dotson​, Lee Jiles​, Chris Hamer​, Jason Flowers​, Michael W. Reighn​, Dimitri Paints Walker​ and LOADS more.

I wanted to end this year with a bang and celebrate the 5th YEAR ANNIVERSARY of my comics and couldn't think of any other way than this. 

Look for the new books at the next convention as soon as they arrive and check out samples on the STORE page! 


7/20/15  The GAMES are here! The GAMES are here!
That's right gang, the NEW CARD GAMES from Scairy Tales Noir are NOW AVAILABLE! Now YOU can play characters from "Fried Pickle Noir: Cop Salad"and "Scairy Tales: Ghoulball" with your family and friends! Just in time for the next round of conventions coming up like Monstercon in South Carolina and GEN CON in Indiana this month! Each game has tons of NEW ART and introduces some characters no one has even seen yet! Check the calendar below for dates and links to all events and be sure to check out the GAMES page for info on the games too!


6/29/15 Fried Pickle Noir card game 'Cop Salad' has arrived!

Proofs have come for Fried Pickle Noir card game 'Cop Salad' and they'reRADDISHING!!!!!

Just in time to make an order for the next round of conventions, 'Cop Salad' by myself and my buddy Jonathan Linneman​ are here! Now, to take the GAMING world by storm!...or a light, comfy drizzle...lol. ;)


4/6/15 COMING SOON  later in 2015!!!!
I'm working on books 4 and 5 for 'Fried Pickle Noir' right now! Look for "Off Shoots" a short story collection later this year and possibly one more before 2016! Also in the works is "Cop Salad", a 'War'-style card game that I'm developing with my pal Jonathan Linneman!

Here's a sample of each of  the THREE Fried Pickle Noir stoylines: The Raw Dill" and "KILLbasablanca" and "The Dirty Half-Dozen" written and drawn by J.R. Mounts!! Be sure to take a peek at a special printing of ALL THREE books rolled into "The Origin Thrillogy"!! If you like the samples, you can buy the comics right in our STORE page through PayPal! Book FOUR is currently being written and drawn but will be the next exciting arc in all things Q Cumbersome and FRIED PICKLE NOIR!!

I now present to you..Fried Pickle Noir, book 1..."The Raw Dill". Read below!

Fried Pickle Noir book 1, "The Raw Dill" by J.R. Mounts! It all starts here as fried pickle detective Q Cumbersome takes on the mob ingredient in a seedless town called The Pits! It's SIN CITY MEETS VEGGIE TALES and all the vitamin C your eyes can take! Be warned...these books are Rated V for vegetable violence so ask mom!!!

For MORE Fried Pickle Noir book 2:"KILLbasablanca" by J.R. Mounts! After the events of "The Raw Dill", Q sets out to find out who's torching residents of his once fair city. With his new found info from book one, Q seeks out an old friend to take on the Meathead Mob!


NEW!!!  Book #, "The Dirty Half-Dozen" by J.R. Mounts!! Q Cumbersome remembers everything that made him who he is....and who did it!! New bad guys and good guys are introduced as the shitake really hits the fan! Over 100 pages!!!

NEW!!! All three books are combined for a limited edition special collection of the first 3 trade paperback story arcs of Fried Pickle Noir called "The Origin Thrillogy" by J.R. Mounts!!!! Over 300 pages with tons of extras! Melonheads, Potatoheads, Meatheads and Eggheads...all the mobs against Q in one big book!

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