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MEDIA! Read all about it!
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Dragon Con Awards 2017 have announced that my graphic novel/cd for STUCK IN MY HEAD has been nominated with 6 others for BEST GRAPHIC NOVEL category. The winning vote is purely based on how many people vote (not how many times they vote, vote only once). So, if if you liked STUCK IN MY HEAD enough to give it a boost and win an award, please register at the link below and VOTE!! Things like this can give indie types like me an real boost in exposure and credibility. Plus, it allows callous bragging rights and the ability to add "AWARD WINNING" to replace my first name on my birth certificate, proving my mother was right all along! I'm against some tough competition (Jim Butcher, Clive Barker, etc..) but heck, I made it THIS far! Was there even an 8th person to consider? DON'T CARE!!! So, please, my ego begs you...register and VOTE!!!


And if you wanna know more, click on the STUCK IN MY HEAD page here. To hear samples of 18 songs with art images from STUCK IN MY HEAD, click on my youtube page (top of page) to listen!


8-14-17 The Savannah Quill Vol. 1 pdf available with MY 1st article & cartoon!

Tha Savannah Quill is a quarterly magazine by Adam Messer to prmote literacy, reading and connecting the reading-writing community. In the FIRST issue, you can read interviews of my pals Randy Bishop, Bobby Nash and more! Plus, you get to read my first quarterly article called INDIE-pendence Days with a quarterly cartoon too, all about the indie comics experience.

Click the link below for the pdf , supporting some truly talented artists and a great cause.


8-8-17 STUCK IN MY HEAD gets a HELL of a podcast plug!

THANK YOU to my buds Landon Faulkner and Phillip Broyles on the RSRG podcast for such a humbling account of what they think early in the podcast about STUCK IN MY HEAD! Click the link to listen and stick around to hear all about Landon and his works because this dude is the REAL DEAL. We'll be working on our own comic soon, as he mentions in this podcast as well. Click below for an entertaining convo!



7-26-17 Scairy Tales "Big Boy Collection" gets reviewed on Goodreads!

Hey, we indie types need all the good press we can get and sure do appreciate it whenever someone taes the time to let us and others know what they think--especially when it's good! So, click the link below for Scairy Tales fan Daniel Lawson as he gives us some great support!


7-19-17 J.R. and Scairy Tales Noir have a YouTube channel now!!!!

I've been collecting all the media opportunities I've gotten over the years. Much of it can be found in hte MEDIA page right here. But, now you can alos see them on my own YouTube channel right here: 


Listen to 18 full songs from

Hear the ENTIRE cd for
 "SNOMBIES: A Musical MONSTERpiece"!

If ya wanna see some really bad puns in song? Click away! Wanna get inspired to do YOUR OWN original indie comics? Click away! I'm even going to try and upload music for the projects I've done and maybe even a special YouTube series of comics snippets! There's not too much stuff yet so feel free to browse, hunt and peck!


7-18-17 J.R. Mounts interview with Owen C. Cotter of SciFiction

I get some valuable air time while at Magic City Con 2017 on Sunday July 2 when Owen C. Cotter of SciFiction asks me about my indie comics, Fried Pickle Noir,STUCK IN MY HEAD, Scairy Tales and The Finleys. I also say a few words to inspire you indie creators-to-be if you're wondering if YOU could do what I do: YOU CAN. Check it out and enjoy!



6-19-17 Get Lit Comics and Poetry panel link!

For the Get Lit indie gathering, Mark Holland recorded interviews throughout the day with all of us. Click the link below for the Poetry and COmics panel. It starts with the Poetry panel, then 23 minutes in, the COMICS ppanel runs until the end of the show and features myself, Christopher Collins, Chris Garrett and Bobby Nash!



5-30-17 Fried Pickle Noir mentioned at Momocon panel!

A huge THANKS goes out to my bud Jess Roberts and the Rec Level 3 podcast gang for another year of ramping up all things geek! At their Momocon panel this weekend, they even gave a mention to me and the pickle around the 14:20 mark in the clip below! It's so cool to have pals like these to see each year when you return to a great show. Hats off to them and I urge any geek to check out their stufff! Click the link below to watch the panel, hear about Fried Pickle Noir a bit and discover more!

9-13-16 Cincy Comic Con 2016 reviewed by Biz Journals...and a pic of ME!!!!

My bud Landon Faulkner of Headshrinker's Press indie comics found this one and I had to share it...since my ego is huge. Special thanks also go to my indie bud Michael Boutet and photographer Josh Anderson for getting my mug in there. Click the link to read the full article and see the 28 pics!
J.R. & the pickle


8-2-16 Artist Spotlight for J.R. Mounts on Word of the Nerd! 
 While at Hoshicon 2016 a couple weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to meet the gang with Word of the Nerd, a geektacular site that focuses on artists, creators, comics, movies, cosplay, etc...ALL THINGS GEEK! They spent a good deal of time with me discussing all my crazy stuff as well as the upcoming STUCK IN MY HEAD!
Special THANKS to Nina Budd for a fun interview!
Click below the Youtube interview
J.R. & the pickle


4-26-16 RSRG Artist roundtable at Marble city Comicon with J.R. and MORE!
While at the Marble City Comic Con 2016, RSRG Entertainment podcaster Phillip Broyles (he's my bud and a true KNIGHT for indie comics creators!) headed his first panel which ended up being an artist round table discussion about waht we do. Listen in as he yaks with myself, Landon Faulkner, Hoyt Silva Shane Berryhill and Alex Ogle. Click below to listen in:





It's anarchy! It's....The Gargyle and my Mass Listeria interviews!

Mass Listeria and The Gargyle aka Nathan Simmons with Tim FradyDaniel Guy and our pal Chris Goins yak a heck of a LOT in all the newest vids posted at the link below! These dudes became pals very fast after we met and I can't thank 'em enough for all the support they've given me. So, click below for video chats on STUCK IN MY HEAD, Fried Pickle Noir, Scairy Tales, SNOMBIES and more puns than you can probably stomach! Be prepared for pure PUNishment...heh, see what I did there....you've been warned.

CLICK HERE to view:

3-31-16   STUCK IN MY HEAD interview on the ESO Network!!!!

My good pals Mike Faber​ and Michael Gordon​ of the ESO Network posted their March 25th episode 310 and interview me about my newest comic book/cd project STUCK IN MY HEADcurrently on Kickstarter. Click below for the episode that centers on Captain America as well! Props to these fine lads for their friendship and constant support!

3-17-16 Wanna get something...Stuck in YOUR head?


Here's some fun video I did with my pals Nathan Simmons​, Tim Frady​, Daniel Guy​ and Chris Goins​ the PREMIERES the very Kickstarter project you've heard way too much about...'STUCK IN MY HEAD'.
This was done a few weeks ago before breaking it to the world. Click below and see some behind the scenes stuff as I sit with Nathan aka The Gargyle and the rest of the Mass Listeria podcast gang I'm proud to call my buds!

3-17-16 RSRG Entertainment plugs my comics and 'STUCK IN MY HEAD'
Thanks to my bud Phillip Broyles who has not only had me on his rsrg entertainment podcast but set up an AWESOME day at his place of work: Max Comics & Toys! We talk all kinds of things about my current comics, what's happening next in Fried Pickle Noir and Scairy Tales series as well as the NEW comic/cd project I'm going called 'STUCK IN MY HEAD'! After that, stick around for more indie comics interviews as well as Lexington Comic Con interviews! Click below and have a blast!

3-3-16 Next up...Max Toys & Comics creator spotlight  March 10th!!!
On the road again as they say! My next stop will be in Lexington, Kentucky March 10th for the Max Toys & Comics event where they'll spotlight my work from 1-3pm (or later)! Then, the weekend goes CRAZY for the Lexington Comic Con March 11th-13th where I'll e hanging with Denny O'Neil, Neal Adams, Mike Grell, Ben Templesmith and MORE! I'll have special art prints just for the Max Toys event so stop on by for fun and frolic! Special thanks goes to my RSRG podcast bud Phillip Broyles for making this event happen and especially for the super swell promo he's been giving me! It all happens in a matter of days. Click below for the commercial and all the cool links.



2-30-16 A PUN time with Nathan Simmons at Yamacon !
While at Yamacon 2015, I got some quality air time with my bud and podcaster, Nathan Simmons of Mass Listeia and his youtube channel, The Gargyle. Click below to watch us try to out pun each other as even the guys off camera join in! It's some fun and funny stuff and I just had an absolute blast! Better yet, I'll be hanging with him for a show recording this Saturday as we discuss all things ME!!! If you can stand it...enjoy!



2-1-16 MASS LISTERIA puts up with me for an hour!

I spent a fun Saturday with Mass Listeria guys Nathan Simmons​, Tim Frady​, Daniel Guy​ and Jeremy as we each discuss our Top 5 influences! It gets bawdy and beautiful so protect your ears for language and grab a tissue box for tears! Plus, they try to teach me to play Munchin, make me drink syrup soda and Nathan cooks up some Scotch Eggs---which is NOT eggs and scotch as I found out...lol.


1-12-16 FULL INTERVIEW from the Dead Letter Office of Jim Pyre!
I get the 'Creative People' FULL INTERVIEW treatment from Jim Pyre's Dead Letter Office to kick off the promo material for 2016! It's the most in-depth interview I've ever done thus far, full of tidbits I rarely discuss and plenty of the usual stuff that I do but in greater detail! Click below to read!



What cool thing do you do?

I’m a cartoonist. I create/write/draw and promote my self-published, creator-owned indie humor comics and characters for my comics biz, Scairy Tales Noir (yeah, spell scary with an “i” kids so no one thinks these are horror comics). The most popular of my stuff is the crime-noir parody series, Fried Pickle Noir featuring fried pickle detective Q Cumbersome and his fight against the mob ingredients in a seedless city called The Pits. Think “Sin City meets Veggie Tales”. My other popular series is the family-friendly comic strip ‘Scairy Tales: the not so scary fairy tales’ about little misfit kids who come across a town full of monsters. Think “Calvin & Hobbes meets Nightmare Before Christmas”.

What are you working on now?

The goal this year is to put out a new book each for Fried Pickle Noir, ‘Scairy Tales’, The Finleys issue #2(with writer pal Chris Garrett) and the ‘Scairy Tales: A Haunting We Will Go rpg (with gamer bud Jonathan Linnemen). I’m also developing a completely separate one-shot graphic novel/cd project that’s a bit…autobiographical-y (sorry, I tend to make up my own words to suit my purposes) called Stuck in My Head” that I came up with yesterday as a love-letter to my wife for all she does for me. In 2015 I put out several projects too, the most I’d ever done. This year is more personal. I like to keep busy…and stay scared. Fear is a great motivator to get things done.

How have your personal experiences affected your projects?

Debt keeps me absolutely terrified, staying ahead of death keeps me productive and the obsessive desire to create keeps me ignoring all of it in order to keep producing in spite of myself. My experiences and personality are sewn into all my projects in many ways. Everything I do is a part of me, of my own character; how I act, who I am, etc...I think my experiences influence my work profoundly and imbue how I create.

What made you start and keep at your craft?

A huge but quiet ego. I have always wanted to entertain people with what I create. I was very little when I developed my love for drawing and creating. I never trained at all, just tried to emulate my favorites based on what I saw: Godzilla, Disney, Batman, Spider-Man, Bugs Bunny and got to be a decent artist when I was inspired. However, when I saw KISS on tv, I turned to music and spent all my time learning guitar and songwriting so I could be a rock guitar god with tunes to make panties drop and dollars roll! I would use my doodling skills to come up with band name logos and album covers. My best friends were my band mates. From age 10-40 I worked hard on my craft to tell stories through song whether in rock, pop, ballads, country, musicals and so on, most often being the main songwriter. The problem was that bands require a democracy and not always a fair one, allowing for less talented, less focused and less dedicated individuals to muck up the system and prevent productivity.

I eventually realized my music dream was not possible because it depended too much on other people. I quit pursuing a music career and went into a deep depression, not knowing what to do with my life after having spent so many years absolutely certain of a path that I was no longer on.

By my birthday that October 2010, a co-worker suggested I draw something to be displayed on the work candy bowl. The doodles were fun and simple and got a lot of attention each day. So much so that it was suggested I should make my own comics out of those characters. I scoffed at the idea because, in my mind, how would I “just” make comics, especially since I had no formal training nor had ever seen my doodles as anything else but easy and lazy? It seemed simpler to “just” pick up a hammer and make another Sistine Chapel. But comics? Impossible. I was a songwriter wasn’t I?

I had always drawn doodles to entertain my family and friends on holiday and birthday cards. Best of all, they seemed to look forward to them, which made me feel good to do it. I soon realized that foremost I was a STORYTELLER so why not just do it in another medium? With that in mind, I started to wonder what I would do if I could create my own characters and write about anything I wanted. Monsters? Definitely. Funny? Sure. I thought hard about my favorite cartoonists Bill Watterson, Gary Larsen, Bill Amend, Charles Schulz…all doing their own thing, to the level of their skill. That’s how I created ‘Scairy Tales:the-not-so-scary-fairy-tales’ comic strip (hence the “i”). These tales would be about little misfit kids, like my friends and I. Eventually, they’d come across a monster town and chaos would ensue. I figured I’d take several of my own silly life experiences and put ‘em in the strip. Once I developed the look and had the nature of my storytelling in mind, the gloves were off and I just…did it. Paper and pencil was all I needed.

The Fried Pickle Noir series came from an idea that Gus,the main ‘Scairy Tales’ character, would make his own comics which would be ridiculously called Fried Pickle Noir (a situation I was recently familiar with). Soon, that idea kept getting bigger and bigger to the point that I now had TWO series on my hands, each playing to a different sensibility of my personality. Using my love of puns, parody and crime noir, it came easily once I figured out how I would write it. Ridiculously, the rest is history.

What led you to your craft? (i.e.: Why Graphic Arts, Music, or Production?)

As it may seem obvious, I’ve never been a conventional thinker or person. I’ve always and forever wanted to create and entertain. Seeing how creative people have been responsible for entertaining the world and I for my entire life, I’ve always wanted desperately to be a part of that community and contribute to the world with something I created. It has been the most constant desire in my life whether done through art, music or, now, comics. My medium is simply because it’s the nearest thing to my skill set other than songwriting. I draw lumpy and squishy characters and I have a smart mouth. Boom. That desire to create and the fear of failing to accomplish that goal in this life keep me going.

Anything spooky ever happen to you?

Spooky but good, yeah. I was 5-ish and was playing with the door handle of the back seat of my mom’s car after she picked me up from school, “testing” it while we headed home. As an obvious result, the door flew open and I fell out into the street traffic (seat belts weren’t required back in those days, kids). I clearly remember being immediately picked up and set back to standing near my mom’s stopped car by an older man I recognized to be my grandfather, whom I had never met because he’d died before I was born. When my mother came to me, the man was gone. I described him to her and realized it was the same guy in our family photos. Simple and quick. Did it happen? I probably won’t know for sure until I’m dead.

How long did it take you to get up and running once you really set your mind on your goal?

About a full year. Once I got my ideas formulated, I bought a cheap sketchbook and just started drawing any ‘Scairy Tales’ episode I could think of. After a year of putting each one on Facebook for the fun of it, the first Fried Pickle Noir book was made (“The Raw Dill”) and I thought, rather than put more on Facebook, why not go to print? I bought a printer and worked hard at formatting ashcan-sized indie issues for both titles, separating them into 25 page issues each. That prompted me to start asking around at how local artists got into conventions and such in order to get some exposure. Once I figured out that process, I kept at it, getting helpful tips from fellow artists and vendors and buying into any convention I could afford. Eventually I would self-publish my own full sized graphic novels and get into bigger venues.

What one thing do you dislike about doing what you do?

At the stage I'm at currently, I hate that it doesn’t pay as well as having a real job unless you’re connected or lucky. Like all art, there’s just no ‘regular job’ in doing what you want to do. I’m in a mom ‘n’ pop business model: I’ve just opened my own pizza shop with my own recipes, directly across from Papa Johns, Little Caesar’s, Pizza Hut and Domino’s. Though I may be passionate and believe in my recipes, it’s hard to convince creatures of habit that I’m worth a shot, even if I’m a little rougher around the edges in comparison to my competitors.

The harder part is seeing artists around me drawing popular licensed characters that they don’t own copyright to and make BANK. Being knowledgeable about copyright during my music endeavors has given me a strong opinion about the protection and hard work of creator-owned work. Forget about how the ‘Fair Use’ law is abused and misconstrued to justify an artist’s arsenal. Is it easier to draw and sell yet another a cool Batman art print? Absolutely. I just won’t do it. It’s neither my passion nor something I even want to be good at. If DC or Marvel wants to pay me, I’ll go for it, but not until then. I love their superheroes but I prefer the challenge of trying to make up my own characters that they may be just as enticing to onlookers. I just gotta keep getting better and make it worth their while, giving them something worth buying.

I want to be very clear in that I don’t think any less of artists that do this as a need to make ends meet, especially if their goal is to work for a larger company and get discovered. I get it. But I am incredibly appreciative and proud in the knowledge that if someone’s investing in any of my work, they’re buying ME. They’re buying MY work, MY characters rather than being a Batman or Spider-Man completist. That’s how I’ve always been in every medium I’ve created in.

What’s fantastic about doing what you do?

I absolutely LOVE meeting people and getting a positive reaction out of them from something I created. Lately, what’s been funny is that more and more people are trying to out-pun me at my own table! It’s awesome and tends to go off the rails sometimes. Better yet, it means that I’ve connected with them in a really positive way. That just makes me soar and jump for joy.

An unexpected coolness was making so many friends out my fellow indie artists. It is so incredibly rewarding to have some of my best buds sitting right there in the trenches, being able to relate, commiserate and celebrate with one another. They’re some of the best people I’ve ever met and makes the hard times easier. Guys like Randy Bishop, Michael Gordon, Eric Dotson, Bobby Nash, Chris Garrett, the Faricelli gang, Chris Hamer, the list just goes on and on. Truly the best bunch of people I’m proud to call my friends.

Another fantastic thing is that when timid artists see what I’m doing, they get inspired and jazzed to talk about their own work, their own created characters and perhaps even get the drive to self-publish one day too. I LOVE that because I always think the world needs new creations. Without something new, something different, everything stagnates. Everything popular now was once an independent, untested product whether it be Star Wars, Hellboy, Spider-Man or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They were ALL unveiled to a sea of occupied space and indifference.

The best thing of all is that, though it is a HUGE financial struggle, my work makes me a better person. Or perhaps it makes me more of my true self than anything else I’ve ever done. I’m not a great person, perhaps a barely good person but doing what I do just makes me a better one to my wife, family, friends and to my fellow man. I hope to keep this up financially because even when I get low, my art makes me strive for the better in myself.

If you had a cat…what hat would you put on said cat? (This is my Ms. Walters special. I ask everyone.)

My wife and I have always had cats and dogs ever since we met. Here’s the rule: DO NOT PUT CLOTHES ON ANIMALS ANY MORE THAN YOU WOULD SNIFF ANOTHER PERSON’S BUTTHOLE. Animals are NOT humans. Treat them with respect, for sure, just don’t treat ‘em like humans because, breaking news, they’re not. However, in a fantasy world, if I had to consider the proper head accoutrement, you must always go with a fedora. EVERYone looks cool in a fedora. Period. Or a Rocky Balboa cap.

Where do you see the craft going in the future?

Dude, I have no idea. I’m not that smart. I’m an ink and paper man. I love the feel, sight and smell of them. I’m also much too old and disinterested in learning to do my work digitally. I assume more work is going to be done digitally from now on and that’s fine. It’s just not my bag. Getting comics into people’s hands is getting harder and easier all at once. There’s so much saturation that we’re all fighting for attention, indie and mainstream alike. Standing out at all is tough. The rule “don’t be a dick” always works for me though. That’s a check even the future can cash.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Stay outta the toy stores and save your money!!!!! Perhaps I would suggest being ‘Captain of your own ship’ much earlier.  I spent much of my musical life following others, hoping I would get some shine off someone else’s star and that would be how I got my break. Seeing how much I’ve been able to accomplish today on my own gumption (and wife’s emotional/financial support), I regret not doing this sooner.

I’ve always had this image of seeing myself on my deathbed, very old and looking back at my life. Considering where I was in my life at the time, that image would terrify me because I wasn’t DOING anything with my life. The idea that I might die being the best ‘whatever’ at my 'whatever' job wasn’t the point of my life or my very existence. I have always felt I was MEANT to create. That’s why I create. Right now, at this very moment, I have not one, but MANY finished projects under my belt and yet I feel I haven’t even scratched the surface for all I have planned to do. Do I wanna die right now, regardless of what I’ve done so far? No way. But if it has to go that way, I can look back at some pretty cool shit I’ve done these last 7 years.

Do you have a specific space where you create and how did you make it your own?

As long as there’s good light and little noise, I can create anywhere. I have a nice drafting table in a spare room, surrounded by comics but I specifically love the dining room table at my house because the sunlight coming in there is perfect and everything’s the right height. It’s also the same place the CATS hang out and sunbathe so there’s always a strong chance of pet hair in everything I do. And eat.

What’s your creative process?

I’m constantly inspired to write and draw. A blank page is both fear-inducing and challenging all at once. I constantly wanna see what all my characters are going to do on that blank page, where they’re going next, how they’ll face their challenges. I’m also very curious and petrified about exactly how long I think I can keep this up. I’m not an educated writer or artist. Everything I’ve ever done, even in music, has been by wanting to create something as cool as the things I love by others. An awesome documentary or catchy song can inspire me to create an interesting twist in my comics, perhaps draw a better fight scene angle and so on. I can find inspiration from most anything. My desire to keep improving and one-up myself also keeps me going.

Above all, complete silence and great light. That environment can make me forget to even eat. It’s awesome.

What’s your artistic outlook on life?

Jeez, “lighten up”. Have some damn FUN, why don’t you. There’s so much fun to have without stressing or spending money that can make us happy: talking, sex, good eats, going through your favorite book, movie or music again. Take the time to smile and feel better. I’m guilty of amassing a HUGE collection of stuff I don’t spend much time with. “Tomorrow” or “one day” I think to myself. My goal is to make being happy more of a daily priority. That’s why I do what I do in comics. I chose to be the funny guy in comics not because I see myself as a particularly funny guy. It’s just that it’s in my wheelhouse to be a smartass; it’s what I’m good at. I put a pickle in a trench coat, give him some smarmy lines and pun it up for 100 pages of mystery in hopes to make myself laugh. It’s like the airplane emergency rule: I take care of myself first so that I may take care of others. If I chuckle, so might you. That’s the theory, anyway. The plane might just crash regardless.

Which famous person (living or dead) would you like to work with and why?

Musically, it would be Randy Rhoads (Ozzy Osbourne) and Steve Clark (Def Leppard). They were awesome guitarists that broke the mold for their band, genre and instrument.

Artistically, it would be Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbes) or Mike Mignola (Hellboy). I’d probably piss myself just being around them and I’d probably cry like a 1960s Beatles fan. I’d most likely feel terrible about my own contributions in comparison but I’d be interested in speaking to them as a fellow creator and chatting about their views concerning WHY they do what they do, what motivates them. It’s the whole ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’ thing. I imagine a meeting like that would inspire me to do my craft much better. These guys all did their OWN thing in the face of comfortable adversity.

Randy and Steve could have just played in cover bands but instead made some of my favorite music of all time. Bill and Mike fought to bring new characters to light in a massive sea of competing Peanuts and Batman titles.

Perhaps Trey Parker and Matt Stone too (South Park, Book of Mormon).

I’d love a day with Erik Larsen (The Savage Dragon). For all the same reasons as above but adding that I think he’d a ton of fun to geek out with and I could probably make it to the bathroom in time without too much crying.

What is your view on the commercial aspects of your craft?

Bring it ON! I’m an unabashed, equal-opportunity, megalomaniac. I’ve made pins, stickers, bumper magnets, bat barrettes, tree ornaments and handmade statues for my characters all in hopes to see what might take these comics to the next level. Absolutely NONE have been successful in doing so!

It’s all about timing and accessibility. ‘The Simpsons’ legacy is a fascinating story and just look at all the STUFF they’ve produced. Conversely, you won’t find a single official ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ commercial item because Watterson didn’t want to see the whoring of his creation or anything happen to turn attention away from his comic strip. I remain somewhere in between. I think as long as an artist/creator has complete control over what’s done with his character, thy will be done. Besides, if an artist can stay afloat in his craft by making a couple bucks off a stuffed toy, perfect. I’m not saying Michelangelo would be happy about a coffee mug from one of his frescos, but I would not be averse to having an ‘adult product’ made out of my Q Cumbersome pickle character for sale. In fact, I just think it would be funny.

Can one ever work for the “love” of the craft or do you always need to create what’s desired to put food on the table?

Yes and no. Sure, “love” is WHY any artist should do what they do but the gas, light, water and heating companies don’t give a flip about your “love”. Pay your bills. Find a way to make it all work together. I created every book before 2014 working my unfulfilling job, during lunch breaks, after hours and vacation days. I used coupons and didn’t worry if I was using the “best” of anything. It sucked. However, I had to choose being uncomfortable to get done what I wanted to do or have NOTHING done at all.

Much like exercising; you don’t need a gym membership to do pushups or jogging. You need dedication. I have always figured that if you REALLY want to do something, FIND A WAY to make it work within the life you have. Life and art can be symbiotic if you’re willing to sacrifice and do some compromising. You just gotta be money smart first. I struggle with that.

At this stage in my ‘career’, I’ve been a full time indie comics guy since June 2014. After the worst day of my working experience, I had the realization that I may die an unhappy curmudgeon of a human being if I didn’t do something to thwart my unhappiness. But MONEY was always the issue and always will be until and unless someone else wants to flip the bill (Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? …ahem). But I wanted to know what I could do without obstruction. With my wife, I’ve accomplished a lot being in full control of my destiny despite not yielding incredible wealth. We just try to make it work as best we can. What we have found is that awareness of my comics is growing, little by little.

I go back to my opinion about drawing licensed popular characters without copyright approval: many artists do it sometimes in hopes they’ll get discovered; others do it because Batman is more likely to sell rather than their unknown character, or a pickle in a trench coat. There’s no doubt I make much less with my comics than ANY print artist in the building doing Batman.

The money thing is what kills most fledgling careers before they get a good start. I’m lucky that, for a little while anyway, my wife and I can make a go of it. We choose to challenge this world to enjoy my creator-owned, new characters. Do I make less? Definitely. Hopefully, that’s only for a while. We’ll see. I’ll know when I have to ‘adjust the model’ as I go. Until then, every penny spent toward my stuff is incredibly precious and my electrical bill thanks them. Next up is the gas bill. And so on.

What would be your dream project?

Working on the multi Emmy-award winning animated series Fried Pickle Noir entering season 5 starring Kurt Russell and Clint Eastwood directly after yet another annual Halloween animated musical episode of ‘Scairy Tales’. Then I’d get to work on that ‘adult product’ Q Cumbersome pickle toy for the AVN awards. I dream small.

How can people discover more about you and your work?

Visit my website at www.scairytalesnoir.com (never forget to put the “i” in scary) where you can find my email info, comics samples, project updates and convention schedule. Other than that, Facebook for my name and my Scairy Tales Noir page.

Thanks for the time and attention mofo. Indie guys like me really appreciate it more than you may know.



1-9-16 Earth Station One podcast 300th episode!!!!!
I was there with LOADS of other guests to celebrate ESO's 300th episode for Mike Faber and Michael Gordon! They chat about the changes in geek culture. Click below for fun, frolic and Faber!



11-9-15 Perry Con promo with my podcast pals from POD VOMIT!
I spend some EXPLICIT-language time with my buds Nikelbag Rik and Justin of the Pod Vomit podcast site! Click below for raucous fun!


10-25-15 Marble City Mini-Con podcast on RSRG Entertainment!
I sit with my pal Phillip Broyles of RSRG Entertainment to catch up about all things Scairy Tales Noir! Listen below as he chats with me and other artist-types for fun and frolic! Though I keep it clean, be warned, some other interviews may contain some EXPLICIT language. We geeks do get excited about our geekdom.



6/17/15 Media for Scairy Tales Noir and my indie pals at Momocon!

Just goes to show that we indie guys gotta stick together! Good ol' Jonathan Myles was doing some primo media at Momocon 2015 and headed our way in Comics Artist Alley. Not only did he have a good time but he gave some of us lucky indie comics guys a HUGE SHOUT OUT on the website for Motdmedia! 

Click the link below for some pretty complimentary things said about yours truly and my pals electric 
Eric Dotson, loveable Lee Jiles and bombastic Brett Brooks!

Special thanks to Jonathan and Matthew for being solid pals at the con!




6/11/15 Honorable mention on the ESO Network for Fanboy Expo 2015!!!
My writer pal Morgan Henschen gives the ESO guys a full report about our awesome Fanboy Expo experience and I get a nice shout out! Thanks to she and the ESO guys for some valuable promo! It's around the 1:25:13 mark! Click below!



5-5-15  Podcast time with Scairy Tales Noir at Marble City Comic Con!

Scairy Tales Noir gets all podcasted with Phillip Broyles!!!

While at the Marble City Comicon, I met 'ol Phillip and we hit it off! It didn't hurt that he liked my comics for both 'Scairy Tales' and 'Fried Pickle Noir'! However, he gave me some precious podcast time and now it's LIVE at the link below! Fair WARNING, there's a couple curse words in the show (not by us) so those with sensitive ears, GET YER MOM. For all else who wanna know more about how I do what I do, and why, click below and give a listen! And be sure to stick around because this episode has plenty more stuff too!


4-26-15 Back on the ESO show!!!!
Mike Faber was at the Marble City Comic Con and took some time to chat with Bobby Nash and I on the Eart Station One network podcast about what an awesome time we wer e having! Click below and tune in!


3-2-15 J.R. sticks around for another podcast on Pod Vomit!
My pals Nickelbag Rik and Justin Beals over at Pod Vomit are at it again! They let me stay in the studio for another episode! While I draw their likeness in comic form, they discuss the weird and whacky of con life and Urban Legends in their CREATURE FEATURE episode "Welcome to the Freak Show"! WARNING: this show is NOT FOR KIDS! Click below to support a couple of fellow grunts doing their thing just like Scairy Tales Noir!

Episode 43 lets me hang around and draw!

2-20-15 Pod Vomit podcast interview for J.R. Mounts and Scairy Tales Noir!!!!
Yep, I had an awesome time with my buds Nickelbag Rik and Justin Beals of Pod Vomit podcasters. Click the link below to listen in but BE WARNED: this one IS NOT FOR KIDS!! We get a little "blue" with the language at times. However, we talk all kinds of things from my comics, my influences, how I do all this stuff...and some poop jokes. Whadda ya gonna do? Just close yer ears at times...CLICK BELOW and ENJOY!

Episode 42 is all Scairy Tales Noir!!!!

12-31-14 Earth Station One with J.R. ...poor guys!
For the final year end wrap up, the ESO gang has me and a few other rap about, well...READ!

2014 is almost done and amidst the holiday stress, the ESO crew take a few moments to relax in the station. Mike, Mike, the award-winning author Bobby Nash, and Snombie creator J.R. Mounts sit down for a candid, unrehearsed, unscripted rant and rave session. We offer our opinions on a variety of subjects, but freely claim to be experts in none. We also express our gratitude for all the listener support we’ve received over the past year. Best wishes for a very cool 2015!


11-26-14 Earth Station One has J.R. on AGAIN?!?!?!?!

Yep, for Episode 242, I join the guys in Greenvile, SC at Borderlands Comics & Games to discuss "From Comics To Cartoons" ! Plus, I get to plug my stuff! Click below!

ANOTHER honorable mention!?!?!? Holy Crap AGAIN!!

Wow, how cool is it that my artist pal Randy Bishop is on the turtlesdoit podcast to talk about his comic "The Hawk of New York" and they give me a shout out! VERY cool! Check out the podcast run by my bud Mark Holland on the link below!


11-6-14 Holy Crap!!! I get an honorable mention on SOMEONE ELSE'S podcast!!
That's so cool! My artist pals Artist Rex and Rainy Daye were being interviewed about the online webcomic "Under Pressure" and gave me a big 'ol shout out as one of their comics they recommend! How cool is that?! Click below to listen to their cool podcast by Fringe Zilla!



Earth Station One podcast has me and other guests to discuss WEREWOLVES for Halloween!

I get to plug the Scairy Tales musical cd for "SNOMBIES!" as we talk about our favorite movies featuring these scary fuzzballs! Check out episode 236!



Earth Station One podcast for Scairy Tales Noir's J.R. Mounts...ME!!!!

For episode 215, I get interviewed and they also talk about the new GODZILLA!!!! What a dream!

Indie Jones presents!


Writer: J.R. Mounts
Illustrator: J.R. Mounts
Publisher: Scairy Tales Noir
Reviewer: Mr. Pasty

What's great about this review is how I thought I was reviewing a completely different book. When our beloved Ambush Bug sent me the specs for FRIED PICKLE NOIR, I wanted to get the cliff notes online, so I could go in with some modicum of preparation.

Then I saw it, and nearly wept.

“Surprise romances make freshman year challenging in this quick-witted, south-of-the-Mason-Dixon romp about a girl named Rachel forging a relationship with her emotionally shaken father after Mom abandons the family to pursue a psychic calling.”

I thought, “Holy shit, what did I agree to?”

Turns out my zeal to get out in front had me clicking out of muscle memory and I had actually linked to DEEP FRIED & PICKLED, which clearly is not the same thing and has no business being on AICN. Or anywhere else, as far as I'm concerned.

But back to the matter at hand.

FRIED PICKLE NOIR is about a pickled investigator named Q. Cumbersome, who spends most of his time battling the mob in a town called The Pits. He also has a hot tip from Kumara, who sports a nice set of yams. Yes, most of this book is littered with silly puns involving produce, and it's written and drawn in black and white by J. R. Mounts. You've heard the expression “dance as if no one was watching”? Well, Mounts tells jokes as if no one was listening. It's a little overbearing at first, but once you get a few pages into his story, it becomes apparent that he's not doing shtick, or trying to dazzle you with NAKED GUN-style sight gags in every panel. Instead, the SCAIRY TALES author uses his admittedly self-humoring wit to establish a steady rhythm. His narrative starts to read like a spoken word poem that ebbs and flows with a background bass guitar. It's quite remarkable, actually, that he's able to keep the joke going for so long without it becoming (cough) stale.

As for the art?

I would call FRIED PICKLE NOIR the GARBAGE PAIL KIDS of the VEGGIE TALES universe. It's dark and seedy in a Philip Marlowe sort of way, void of color except for the splotches of red blood when the shit hits the proverbial fan. My 11-year-old daughter passed by when I was studying a full-page panel and asked, “Is that a penis?”, though I can't be sure if it's because Mounts draws his pickles with a hat tip to the male genitalia, or my kid is just paying attention in health class like I begged her not to. Either way, it's hard to not respect what Mounts has accomplished here. FRIED PICKLE NOIR is more than just a novelty act, it's a real story with real characters, and while the entire “Thrillogy” revolves around vegetables, this is still a book with plenty of meat.

-Mr. Pasty (Ain't It Cool News)
(original link:  http://www.aintitcool.com/node/66325    )

Stunningly simple veggie style mixed with incredible background depth and just a splash of Dirty Harry. That is quite possibly the best way to describe the magically enchanted world of Fried Pickle Noir. While J.R. Mounts does not describe himself as a writer or artist, trust me he's modest. This is both visually and mentally stimulating.

The world of Fried Pickle Noir is all based on veggie and fruits in the first volume. Our protagonist, Q Cumbersome is a no nonsense tough detective with a scar and a drinking problem. He's put fist to the gang of spuds ran by a deeply evil and somehow charming mob boss, Killjoy. This antagonist is a fat watermelon that has a deep southern accent in my mind. Then we have a side character, my favorite, the Hell Raisin! Yep, a demonic raisin. The demonic raisin is the best and most exciting character because Hell is raised. Trust me if you don't fall in love with the look and feel you are crazy.

Without giving too much away let's just say this is your favorite noir gangster film mixed with veggies. I have been reading the comic for a few days but it doesn't read like a comic or graphic novel. When reading the comic it feels like it could be a detective report with a burned edge in a document never meant to be read. I found myself very closely looking at each page as the look was different than anything else. The words are separated from the images floating around the page focusing heavily on the body language which is beautiful. Having a style all it's own, setting itself outside the mainstream comic world which in this reader's mind is a great asset.

-Andrew Byrd  (Heavy Metal Hobbit)
(original link:  http://www.heavymetalhobbit.com/reviews/category/fried-pickle-noir  )

Mark Holland's podcast: turtlesdoit.com

Mark asks all about how everything got started as he sits down with me and my buddy Chris!


"In A World Where Bricks Rule" game by Jonathan Linneman, with art by J.R. Mounts

Jonathan Linneman created an awesome table top game called "In a World Where Bricks Rule" and offered me the chance to create drawings of any characters I could think up, given his guidelines for the game. Check out all the images in the EXTRA page and read the review right here!

In a World Where Bricks Rule…

IAWWBR cover imageI’ve seen a few games that use LEGO as playing pieces, but this one might be the simplest and easiest to learn. Should be a good introduction to role playing for young kids and non-gamers.

In a World Where Bricks Rule… is a set of icosahedron-based skirmish rules for brick minifigures. It’s bare-bones, rules-lite, and (hopefully) somewhat new-gamer-friendly. This version (0.5) is a quick intro to the derivative, yet fast and fun, game system. Also, J.R.’s artwork is great in it!

You can get large and pocket-size PDFs of the rules here: In a World Where Bricks Rule…


6-23-13 Christine Jeffcoat feature: J.R. Mounts of Scairy Tales Noir

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Featured Artist: J.R. Mounts

MY STORY: Me, Me and MORE about ME
by J.R. Mounts
    "Now that I’m a big time Hollywood success story, I have been asked to share my precious wealth of knowledge with the 'little people' so that they may find their own path to my similar glory…"
Ahem…but seriously folks, I’m no one. Yet.
My name is J.R. Mounts. I create, write, draw, print and promote my own comics for my printed ashcan comic books, my website  www.scairytalesnoir.com and my Facebook pages under my name and Scairy Tales Noir. I have a comic strip series called "Scairy Tales: the Not So Scary Fairy Tales" about misfit kids who dress up year round as superheroes and monsters and think they're alone--until they meet monster children across the bridge! Consider it my homage to "Calvin & Hobbes meet Nightmare Before Christmas". I also have a crime noir parody called "Fried Pickle Noir" about fried pickle detective Q Cumbersome fighting the various Meathead, Melonhead and Potatohead mobs in a heartless city called The Pits. You can think of this as "Sin City meets Veggie Tales" with all the punnery one can muster. They're both more fun doing than I can ever explain and are as ridiculous as they sound! It's incredibly hard work but worth it when I'm at a convention, meeting people who want to ask "Why did you spell 'scary' wrong?" or "Just what is a fried pickle detective?".

      I created the characters in October 2010. I was not yet the famous rock star or songwriter I thought God had intended me to be due to technical issues. Frustrated, I turned to my first love of drawing and thought that if I kept my techniques simple, I may be able to just have fun drawing something silly and easy to produce. I researched cartooning and worked on a style meeting my skill level. I decided to "not know what I didn't know" and just went for it! I was surprised at how hard it was yet so rewarding, perhaps moreso than even my music.  Scairy Tales Noir comics were created!

Like everyone I know, I work and don't earn much so I keep things as inexpensive as possible. The fact is, artists need to invest in themselves. That takes a bit of money but doesn't have to take a lot. Everything I do is always in what spare time I have; at lunch, before sleep, instead of showering...ahem. Because I'm a 'tech' idiot, I chose to deal with actual paper, ink and the Paint program that came with my computer. I upgrade as needed depending on my skills and product demands (i.e. Photoshop, better paper etc...).  With weekly coupons, I go to Hobby Lobby or Michael's, get 11x14 artist pads (sometimes one to practice on and another for my finished product). I purchase Faber Castell ink pens there and practice with varying sizes to find which I prefer based on what I want to create. Sometimes I go to Dic Blick Art Supplies and get blue pencil lead for drawings that I later ink over, just like my heroes in comics did. I also keep a mini notebook at all times to jot down ideas for stories or sketches as I think of them anytime I'm away from my art pads. It doesn't surprise anyone when I have pockets full of 'scrap paper' covered in doodles or a character's new name, "Raggedy Dan". I bought my own printer to save on print costs and to be in complete control of my work. Having the basic tools of the trade, it's all up to my hands and my head. I scan the image into the computer and clean them up before layout design  and printing. Then, it's time to write the stories, edit them until they flow well with the art, then print, fold staple and bag. This has been my process since day one and still works for me today. And I'm still happily married!

      We all have heroes that push us to be better than we are. As a cartoonist, I look to Charles Schultz, Bill Watterson, Gary Larson, Frank Miller, the Romitas, Mike Mignola, among many others. Even reading Raymond Chandler or Charlie Huston will inspire me to achieve greater heights in my storytelling and pacing. I use them as guides to do something 'true' to the story whether it be a simple gag or unseen twist. Believe me, I know exactly what a fried pickle detective would do and not do in his rotten town. I don't believe I'll ever be as good as my heroes but that doesn't stop me from aspiring to be as good as I can be. 

      Because I love to schmooze and meet people, I market myself everywhere I can whether through Facebook, pushing the website or meeting people at comic conventions. I found that as long as you're nice and have product to sell, you can buy an "artist's table" space at a comic con, depending on availability and cost of the table which can range anywhere from free, $25 or up to several hundred dollars depending on how big the con is. I go to cons as I can afford them and get the word out about my comics. I always have business cards on hand that feature my characters  because we never know when we'll need them. An adoring fan or opportunity for fame could be anywhere! Ha!

         I'm proud to say that currently, "Scairy Tales" is up to its 147th comic strip episode and "Fried Pickle Noir" is on issue #13, it's 4th story arc. To help promote my comics, I've found inexpensive ways to produce buttons, art prints, bumper magnets, stickers, coloring books, bat barrettes, etc...anything I can think of to help get my products out there! I've even written musical themes for all my separate titles as well as an animated musical episode...if ever I get the ability to make them. I plan for as many things as I can think of because you never know, "Adult Swim" may want a "Fried Pickle Noir" animated series or an animated "Scairy Tales" Halloween special one day! I plan for any possibility rather than wait for someone else to steal my thunder. If I can keep it from my wife, I may trick out my truck to help advertise! Or not...(shhh, she may read this!).

      Overall, I love what I do and have lots of fun. That's the point right? Yes, it's work but so very rewarding. My goal is to get a laugh from others in hopes that they may enjoy them as I do and perhaps even care about the characters themselves! If so, I've done my job right. 

       To get past discouragement or obstacles, I remember why I do this and keep believing in myself. I'm lucky to have an awesome and supportive family and family circle. After all, who do you think hear my jokes first? The poor dears...

     To find out MORE about everything here, visit me on my Facebook pages and the website:
or check us out on Comics Sherpa
And remember kids, we spell 'scary' with an "i"!!!
J.R. Mounts

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