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4-4-16 3rd time's a charm at SC Comicon 2016!!!
Another awesome weekend at SC Comicon put on by Borderlands Comics guru Robert Young​ and his awesome staff! It was really awesome to see all the old gang again from pickle fans to fellow artist and vendor types! Of course, I talked SO much, I lost most of my voice early on but it was well worth it considering how much fun we all had. What an awesome time spent with my pals Dimitri Paints Walker​, Chris Hamer​, Tim Showers​, Randy Bishop​, April Dominick​, Mike Faber​, Peter Cutler, John Pence​, Mercy Suarez​, Jeanne Harn​ and her family, Kenneth Smith​, Philip Cochran​, Ian Jarold​, Micah Taylor​, Bradley Roberts​, Edd Sowder​, Author Tyffani Clark​, Chrissy Moon Loewer​, Bobby Nash​, Amy Griggs Short​, Neil Lee Griffin​, Jessica Naomi Reinicke​ and so, SO many returning pickle fans. Hope to see you all again soon...once i get my voice back!

3-31-16 I LOVED L.A. at WonderCon 2016!
What an awesome spectacle!! WonderCon both FLEW by and dragged on for my feet (very sore). It was what one could expect from a mega-sized show like this and it did NOT disappoint! My best friend Michael McQuade​ acted as my 'booth babe' for the weekend as well as host for my entire Los Angeles trip. I met several fellow indie artists on the rise, did plenty of media promo and just had a blast hanging with my fellow vendors! I got to see my Dragon Con buds Danny Haas​ and Caleb King​ strut their stuff and even got to meet Sergio Aragones briefly. I lost my voice, killed my feet and got back alive yesterday. Even better was hanging out TWICE with my old AFFAIR band mates Kevin Kelley​ and Marcus Hobbs​, who along with ol' Mike were some of the best music times I've ever had. All in all, an awesome trip I will never forget. But it ain't over yet....SC Comicon is next!

3-3-16 Next up...LEXINGTON March 10th-13th!!!
On the road again as they say! My next stop will be in Lexington, Kentucky March 10th for the Max Toys & Comics event where they'll spotlight my work from 1-3pm (or later)! Then, the weekend goes CRAZY for the Lexington Comic Con March 11th-13th where I'll e hanging with Denny O'Neil, Neal Adams, Mike Grell, Ben Templesmith and MORE! I'll have special art prints just for the Max Toys event so stop on by for fun and frolic! Special thanks goes to my RSRG podcast bud Phillip Broyles for making this event happen and especially for the super swell promo he's been giving me! It all happens in a matter of days. Click below for the commercial and all the cool links.


2-30-16 A PUN time with Nathan Simmons at Yamacon !
While at Yamacon 2015, I got some quality air time with my bud and podcaster, Nathan Simmons of Mass Listeia and his youtube channel, The Gargyle. Click below to watch us try to out pun each other as even the guys off camera join in! It's some fun and funny stuff and I just had an absolute blast! Better yet, I'll be hanging with him for a show recording this Saturday as we discuss all things ME!!! If you can stand it...enjoy!



2-29-16 ETSU Con 2016 was ETSUllent!!!!
I return to one of my best shows from last year, ETSU Con in Johnson City! It was incredibly awesome to see many of my old pals, my fellow arteest types, my front line vendor comrades and loads of NEW pickle fans! It was a rollicking good time hanging with my pals John and Candace McFarland, Tim Showers, Timothy Chandler , Charlie Aiken, Michael Huffman and Monique St-Germain Huffman of Fanboy Glass, my bud Dallas Mullins, my new artist pal Hannah, Kevin Thompson, Nikita McCord and many names I can't remember but faces I'll never forget! Special tips of the hat go to my fellow artists-in-the-making who are all working on their passion projects as we speak! Be on the lookout for some awesome new talent, gang. Until next year, this ETSU con was one for the fun books!


2-22-16 Captain's Comic Expo sets sail in 2016!!!
My first Captain's Comic Expo was quite a trip as I made some new pickle and Scairy Tales fans and got to hang with my buds Tim Showers​, Gregbo Watson​, James Christopher Hill​ and more! Plus, my fellow indie artists neighbors were all kinds of neighbory awesome too. Posted at the ass-end of Egypt, we all met the many, many people who came to support the show. Q has had too many tussles with previous cons and wasn't standing too well so he had to do duty INSIDE the booth rather than outside. Still, he got noticed! Not a bad weekend for the wife and I, we ate well!

2-17-16 Dallas Comic Con was my Texas Valentine!
Had such a GREAT time out in Texas over Valentine's Day weekend! The pickle and I made a Texas impression at the Dallas Comic Con! We artists were crammed in like sardines so I never left my booth until closing time but it was so worth it. The pickle got plenty of love in a new state and it was great to see just as many people with as bad a sense of humor as me! Got to meet some new buds like James Martinez, Cameron Belt​, Dennis R. Van Vleet, Stephanie Kneese and more fellow artists making their way along the con trail. Special thanks goes to Cameron for dressing up as The Tick and to James for getting people over to the booth! Hoping to see this bunch again in June if I'm lucky.  Until then, what an awesome time!

2-7-16 AnniCon 2016 ROCKED!!!!
What an awesome time in Anniston, Alabama! The day was BUSY for us all as loads of fans came out to have an absolute blast at AnniCon! Special thanks to Nicole Hall​ for letting us all know about this rockin' show! My artist buds Bryan SilverBax​, Eric Dotson​, Dimitri Paints Walker​ and Keith Wahl​ and Krystal Bost​ rocked it out all day long. Not only were many new fans made but I got to see some returning pals too like V Joey Whigham​, Lysa Shin​, Raevyn Bain​ and more! We all got a nod in The Anniston Star and just can't enough great things about this show.  Special thanks to Bill Wilson of The Anniston Star and Krystal for some Amazing pics! Here's to 2017!!!

2-1-16 MASS LISTERIA puts up with me for an hour!

I spent a fun Saturday with Mass Listeria guys Nathan Simmons​, Tim Frady​, Daniel Guy​ and Jeremy as we each discuss our Top 5 influences! It gets bawdy and beautiful so protect your ears for language and grab a tissue box for tears! Plus, they try to teach me to play Munchin, make me drink syrup soda and Nathan cooks up some Scotch Eggs---which is NOT eggs and scotch as I found out...lol.


1-18-16 I went to Ath-Con 2016 to kick some ATH!!!!!
...and I'm all out of bubblegum. lol.

The first con of 2016 for me was COLD COLD COLD but with all my pals there, I still felt nice 'n' toasty. AthCon 2016 was unexpectedly outside as we all set sail for...SALES, lol. Got to hang with my buds Bryan SilverBax​, Bobby Nash​, Mark Maddox​ and his awesome kids,Kilted Creature himself RJ Grady​, Cyndi Grady​, Michael A Clark​, Jim Adams​,  Doug-Terri McKittrick​, Mark Helwig​, John Pence​, Dimitri Paints Walker​, and my pals Jeff Ferguson​ and his family, Jeanne Harn​ and the family, and plenty more pals too. And the  year's just begun!

1-12-16  NEW DATES for 2016 on the "Play it Again Spam" convention tour!
Well, I'm already at it again and have 20 shows booked for the year so far! This year I'm hitting some old favorite cons, new cons and new STATES too!  This should be a very interesting year at the very least. Plenty more may be coming as I get word but take a look here and at the calendar below for shows, days/dates and links! I'll see YOU...well, somewhere!

P.S. There's gonna be some new books this year too so keep checking back for news!


12-13-15 Jekyll Comic Con 2016 was a real....BEACH!
My time at the Jekyll Con 2015 was a real....BEACH! lol. What a great way to end the year for my convention tour. So many of my fellow arteest pals were there like Bryan SilverBax​, Chris Hamer​, Dimitri Paints Walker​, Andrew Bones​, Michael Huffman​, Monique St-Germain Huffman​, Aaron Hazouri​, Doug-Terri McKittrick​, Keith Wahl​, Krystal Bost​,Gregbo Watson​, Mario Russom​, Teddy Braswell​, Jeff Ferguson​, Beatriz Ferguson​, Luke Ferguson​ and so many more! For a one day con, there was LOTS to be seen. Plus, being it's on the beach...no better way to relax and have some awesome seafood. Hats off to Doug Brantley and his crew for an awesome day. A special thanks to all my fellow artists, fans and friends. This year has been amazing. Look for 2016 to be even BETTER! 

12-7-15 Yamacon 2015 was CRAZY fun!!!
Man, it felt like the biggest reunion I've even been to! So many pickle fans returned for more pun-ishment...lol, and I LOVED 'em for it! Made plenty of NEW fans too and so Tennessee proves to be the place for me through and through. I also got to hang with SO MANY of my fellow artists there like my bud Bryan SilverBax​, my Mass Literia Podcast buds, Morgan Nicole Henschen​, Meghan Lintner​, Shannon Rhea​, Ray Wilson​, my cancer-kicking birthday gal, Detsuyo Hakai​, Stephanie Jelovsek​ and LOADS more. Truly my mind was whirling and I talked my pickled butt of wth every one of 'em. Just ask my artist neighbor Carolina (see pic)! Thanks to Charlie, Timothy Chandler​ and all the Yamacon staff for a job well done. Most of all, THANK YOU pickle fans. May I see all of you again soon...unless you're asking for a refund. lol. ;) And to ALL fo my fellow soon-to-be-Artist Alleycats, keep plugging away gang and we'll see each other on the same sides of the table! What a great near end to this amazing year. One more to go....JEKYLL CON next Saturday!
J.R. & the pickle

11-23-15 The pickle went walking in Memphis Comic Con!
I went on down to Memphis to spread the word about 
'Fried Pickle Noir', Scairy Tales''The Finleys' and loads of my other comics! Best of all, I got to hang with my artist bud, and table neighbor, Float! My artist buds Sean Taylor and Rick Johnson were also peddling their wares as well for a good time. But the year's not over yet as we gear up for my last Tennessee visit until next year...Yamacon 2015!

See you there!

11-15-15 NC Comicon ROCKS!!!!
Wow...what an AMAZING time at the NC Comicon 2015! Hats of to my buds Brockton McKinney, Bo Fader, Jeff Hinshaw and the entire Ultimate Comics staff and all the ORANGE SHIRTS for putting on such an awesome show and giving us all an extra special time to remember! I got to meet Charlie Adlard (comic artist for The Walking Dead comics) and even get a few pics of him with the pickle too! New pickle fans and pals were made and I truly enjoyed hanging out with my fellow artists and pals Isabella Jacovino​, Darby Harris​, Penelope Primrose​ and family, Dallas Mullins​, Robert Young​ and his gang of awesomes, Mario Russom​, Kelly Yates​, Elijah Simon​, Travis Pyro Smith​, Jerome Smith​ , my beer bud Carson, 4th all Universe gent Danny J. Quick​,  cosplayers and so many new artists yet to come! They can't have the next one fast enough because I'll be there from now on! So, see you ALL next year.
Gratefully, J.R. & the pickle.

11-9-15 Perry Con 2015!!!
Much thanks to Mario Russom​ and the fans at Perry Con! This was a hoot of a time as I got to hang with my fellow artist buds, podcaster pals, and make loads of new friends and fans. Seeing a sea of 1966 Batman stuff made my day too. I got to roll out tons of new stuff for the first time in Perry in 2 years so this was a truly fun event! Special thanks to my good pal Dutch Cummings​ because without he and Mario, this would not have been possible for me. Plus, it was great to dine with my buds afterward. Here's to the next time! Check out all the pics of my pals Chris Garrett, Dimitri Walker, Matthew Smith, April Dominick, Dutch Cummings, Hunter Wilton, Chris McEwen, Teddy Braswell, Mike Faber, Nickelbag Rik & Justin Beals of podcast fame Pod Vomit, Teddy Braswell, Briana & Jacob Wilson, Michael A Clark and MORE!

10-26-15 Marble City Mini Con was MARBLEOUS!!!!
Had a blast in Tennessee at the Marble City Mini-Con put on by Shannon Rhea​ and his buds Ray Wilson​, Barry Allen​ and the gang at Purgatory Comics! Awesome day to spend with my fellow artists and pals Carie Varner-Faricelli​, Dakota, Ryan Faricelli​, Bryan SilverBax​, RJ Foster​, RJ Grady​,(aka The Kilted Creature) Cyndi Grady​,Phillip Broyles​, Michael A Clark​,Dallas Mullins​,  Jonny Brooklyn Roberts​, Timothy Chandler​ Quinton Panza​, Emily Smith​ and Morgan Nicole Henschen​!!! Can't wait to see more of 'em at Perry Con in 2 weeks! Thanks also to all the cool pickle supporters who showed their support in style! Special thanks to RSRG Entertainment for the awesome podcast interview posting soon. And don't forget, Marble City Comic Con returns in 2016 for their annual 2-day event! I'll see you there.

NEW books for "Fried Pickle Noir" are here!!!!

Fried Pickle Noir: LEFTOVERS
vol 1--a collection of short stories relating to the previous 3 pickle books. Some old stories, some NEW, even a tale by my pal Ramblin' Ryan Faricelli​! This has some of my best new work, finally, and provides a great way to jump in and test the waters, one short tale at a time. IN COLOR no less! Well, color-ISH.

Fried Pickle Noir: Artbook 2015--The Fruits of Others' Labors
The first ever collection of fan art, various sketches for and with my fellow artist pals and things I've been saving up for just such an occasion. Wanna see some of my fellow arteest types show what they can do to a pickle? Well, now you'll know! Some of my most very favorite things I own are in here. You'll see work by myself, Randy Bishop​, Christopher Collins​,Bryan SilverBax​, Carie Varner-Faricelli​ and Dakota, Eric Dotson​, Lee Jiles​, Chris Hamer​, Jason Flowers​, Michael W. Reighn​, Dimitri Paints Walker​ and LOADS more.

I wanted to end 2015 with a bang and celebrate the 5th YEAR ANNIVERSARYof my comics and couldn't think of any better way than this. 


10-15-15    FRIED PICKLE NOIR----T-SHIRTS!!!
Now YOU can have ol' fried pickle detective Q Cumbersome pressed tight against your body...and he's a t-shirt too! Thanks to my awesome buddy, Bryan SilverBax​, FOUR designs are ready to enjoy in nearly every color and style on both Tee Publicand Neato Shop. In fact, for the next 20 hours, Tee Public is having a SALE on all shirts! Click the links below and see what style YOU prefer with some new and classic art by not only me, but Bryan himself and Randy Bishop​ too! 

I SAID I was gonna end this year with a bang didn't? lol. More designs will follow soon!



10-11-15 Cleveland Geekster was GEEK-O-RIFFIC!!!!
My first outing to the Cleveland Geekster was an awesome success! I got to hang with all my buds like Ryan Faricelli​, Carie Varner-Faricelli​, Dakota, Patterson Patrick​, Dutch Cummings​, Melanie Smith Cummings​, Ashley Raburn​, Rob Alderman​, Kirsten, Shannon Rhea​, Ray Wilson​, Timothy Chandler​ and MORE! Plus, someone very cool won all the loot at the raffle which included a full sampler set of all my first comics! Awesome day, made some great new pals and can't wait to do it again!

10/5/15  Monsterama was a MONSTEROUSLY good time!
What a way to spend my birthday...promoting my comics at a monster convention in Atlanta! I got to meet 
Greg Nicotero (The Walking Dead" spx guru), Larry Blamire("The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra" writer/director/star), hang with my fellow arteest pals Chris Hamer, Andrew Bones, Michael Gordon, Mike Faber, Neil Lee Griffin, Jessica Nicole Reineke and more. Plus, meet my old fans like Darwin and make tons of new fans like Carter! And my new pal Sidney dressed in the Godzilla costume too! No better birthday.


9/29/15 Baltimore Comic Con 2015 gets PICKLED!!!!
What a convention.....wow. This is a place where artists can feel like rock stars as everyone who comes knows their stuff and really appreciates it. So many great moments like meeting 
Edward James Olmos, seeing Borderlands Comics and Games​ guru Robert Young​ (who also runs the AWESOME SC Comicon​) hanging with my artist/vendor pals  Jeremy Hill​ and Mallory NanKing Metcalf​, meeting my neighbor 'Exit Zero' author Neil Cohen, all the cosplay coolness of indie and weird characters I love, etc...above all, making some new fans and getting the word out about my comics. Sure, it ain't gangbusters but I love what I do and thankfully there's a few out there that also dig it! Not that the drive was a hoot but I did have the new IRON MAIDEN cd to keep me company. Enjoy the pics people and tag yer bad self if'n I've missed ya! Until then, I prep for Monsterama in Atlanta this weekend!
9/8/15     DRAGON CON 2015 is a HUGE success!

Another great experience at Dragon Con, only this time as an ARTIST! Still reeling from it all. What an awesome time. To have been a fan, attending these many years, promoting my comics from day 1 way back in 2011, showing of my first trade in 2012, making a Q costume in 2013...and now this, my first ever Dragon Con as an artist in their Artist Alley. Just so awesome. If I'm never lucky enough to get in agin, I will cherish these days and this moment. It was so damn special to me and my best con. I love this con. To have been IN it adds so much icing on the cake that I'm still pinching myself. I hope I don't forget anyone but here goes a long list of everypne who made it rock: Thom Trainer, Christopher Collins, Michael Gordon, Mike Faber, Bobby Nash, Phillip Ryan Chalker, Brett Brooks​, Eric Dotson​, Molly Gypsy Rose Wench​, Kelly Yates​, Chris Hamer​, Drew & Christy Blank, Bryan SilverBax​ , Carla Wyznick, Haunter, Cliffe, Andrew Byrd​, Darwin, Tim Showers​, Hudson, Mike and his wife, Daniel and his wife, Jonathan M Chaffin​, Zachary Vaudo​, Danny Haas​, Jason Flowers​, Chris Schweizer, Marc Labram​ , Michael Mercer​, Caleb King, Dakoma Sanchez​, William Michael Kielhorn​, and ALL the friends  fans, new and old. You ALL made this weekend so incredibly special. Here's to 2015 and hopes for 2016! Until then, I need pizza and a cherry soda....
Cheers, gang!
#dragoncon #dragoncon2015


8/10/15 Rabid Fried Pickle Noir fan on the loose!!!! He's armed with LEGOS!
Ha! Here's some fun and unsolicited fandom by Quinton Panza whom I met at Fanboy Expo. His nickname is, you guessed it...Q! We hit it off and he went full enchilada into the works of Q Cumbersome. Not too long ago, he graced me with these awesome pics of his custom Q Cumbersome Lego creation. Sit back and enjoy!



8/10/15 Akai Con 2016 in Tennessee!
My first Akai Con in TN for Scairy Tales Noir was like a reunion in Tennessee! So many people recognized me from MTAC, GMX and Fanboy Expo! Even the hotel was the same as many of the events I've appeared at, very cool. Got to hang out with Shannon Rhea and my "draw on my clothes" bud Alex Mason​, my buds Joshua and Ian were there too! Cool costumes, several commissions and lots of new fans! Looking forward to next year!


8/4/15        GAME ON at Gen Con 2015!!!
My first trek as an artist at GEN CON proved to be an awesome experience! With my fellow"Cop Salad" and "Ghoulball" partner, Jonathan Linneman​, we were off to roll out the new card games and spread the word on all things Scairy Tales Noir comics! An absolutely HUGE thanks to my Indiana pals Timothy Paul​, Susie Hendershot Paul​ and son Brandon as they let me crash not only at their pad but Brandon's birthday (see pics)! My fellow vendor pal Molly Gypsy Rose Wench​ with O Christmas Geek was their in full power too as the masses came to play. Best of all, we did what we came to do, sell games at the biggest tabletop gaming con anywhere! A special thanks got to the Drake family for not only being our first sale but for Maxwell and Alexander Drake constantly playing "Ghoulball" at the table and then showing it to everyone else wherever they went (see pics)! Truly awesome and I hope they have a safe trip back to Vegas. A very special shout out to my Indiana bud, Frank Epperson aka 'The Frank'...who will soon be a character in the next Fried Pickle Noir book, you can count on that! Here's to everyone who made this experience a time to remember! Oh, and Jonathan Linneman...dude, you ROCKED this con. Thanks for all your work man, it wouldn't have been as successful without ya!

Cheers to all,

7/24/15  Thar be MONSTERS at Monstercon in South Carolina!
My first venture to MonsterCon SC found MONSTERS! The best kind of course when you consider The Kilted Creature was there too! Love ol' RJ Grady​ and his motley crew( Cyndi Grady​ and daughter Melissa Melisa Collins​)! My buddy Neil Lee Griffin​ even came out and made my day! Much thanks to cosplay femme fatale Christiana for giving me some great pics! Next up...GEN CON!

7/20/15  The GAMES are here! The GAMES are here!
That's right gang, the NEW CARD GAMES from Scairy Tales Noir are NOW AVAILABLE! Now YOU can play characters from "Fried Pickle Noir: Cop Salad"and "Scairy Tales: Ghoulball" with your family and friends! Just in time for the next round of conventions coming up like Monstercon in South Carolina and GEN CON in Indiana this month! Each game has tons of NEW ART and introduces some characters no one has even seen yet! Check the calendar below for dates and links to all events and be sure to check out the GAMES page for info on the games too!


6/29/15 Fried Pickle Noir card game 'Cop Salad' has arrived!

Proofs have come for Fried Pickle Noir card game 'Cop Salad' and they'reRADDISHING!!!!!

Just in time to make an order for the next round of conventions, 'Cop Salad' by myself and my buddy Jonathan Linneman​ are here! Now, to take the GAMING world by storm!...or a light, comfy drizzle...lol. ;)


6/29/15 J.R. hams it up at Hamacon 6 2015 in Alabama!
Yet another awesome time at Hamacon! I return to Alabama and see everyone I met from last year! Who knew pickle fans could stay converted for a whole year?! lol. I also got to hang with my bud Marc Labram​ and his cousin Michael Mercer wearing their AWESOME costumes (see the pics) and meet another awesome artist: my Hamacon neighbor Float (seriously, check out his stuff ganghttps://www.facebook.com/float782 ). 

The weekend was loads of laughs and an awesome way to end an 8 week straight run of conventions every weekend! I also got to make some new art for fun and even met a guy looking for anything Punisher for his uncle Bryan who had some surgery recently...and lo, he found The Bunisher art I did! It was meant to be as with all thing Scairy Tales Noir comics! Really looking forward to coming back!


I just ordered proofs for 2 of my 3 games coming this summer! First up is the'Scairy Tales' monster sports game, "Ghoulball" where if the sport doesn't kill ya, the BALLS just might! Next up is the crime-stuffed card game for 'Fried Pickle Noir'"Cop Salad" where even in a deck of cards there's grime-filled alleys and chocolate dark streets filled with mobs and do-gooders going at it MOB STYLE! Check out the games covers and look for them ALL this August at cons everywhere I take Scairy Tales Noir comics!


6/23/15 HeroesCon 2015 was HEROIC!!!
My first trip to HeroesCon in NC as an artist was pretty awesome. Never have I been so surrounded by SO  MANY heavy hitters...it was hard to stay behind my table! It was a weird one for sure as I never did so many commissions in my life at one con. Did Stan Lee bring some kinda art mojo? Hanging alongside my fellow indie buds Randy Bishop​, Tim Showers​, Brett Brooks​, Phillip Ryan Chalker​, Jason Flowers​ and also with my fellow geek buds Philip Cochran​, Robert Culton​. Best of all, I got to make new pals like Adam O'Malley​ just by chance meetings and being cool! New fans and indie artist pals were made as well like Ryan Gregory Howard​, Jason Stolfer​ , Nancy Brauer​ and G.Paul.R and their "Sgt. Sasquatch" crew! Thanks to my buddies Ray Wilson​ and Philip Cochran for getting me some awesome autographs while I manned my table! Check out the pics for all the mayhem and feel free to tag yer bad self if'n I fergot ya! This baby is TIIIIIIIIIIIIII-ERRRRRRD.


6/5-6/7 2015 Fanboy Expo 2015 was a hit!!!
My first Fanboy Expo experience was simply awesome. My awesome friends Carie Varner-Faricelli and Ryan Faricelli and Dakota had their booth right next to mine in a lane that included my artist pals Morgan Nicole HenschenJason FlowersElizabeth Hopper and Lizi Campbell! Not only that but many of the pickle fans in Tennessee came to visit! Many more fans of Q were made and I had a wallop of a time with a family that was as pun-y as me! It was like a pun western showdwon every day and one of my fave moments. I also met new UBER fan Julian Spence and her fellow director pal Will Allman! On the last day, Dakota came dressed as ME!!!!!!! What a sight, all pickled up and ready to jazz it up! It was a great time as you can see from the pics!


6-4-15  Scairy Tales Noir​ comics are now at Dr. No's Comics & Games in Marietta!!!

That's right! After an awesome time appearing at their Free Comic Book Day, I've finally broken down yet another place to get all things for "Fried Pickle Noir" and "Scairy Tales" comics by J.R. Mounts! Click below to visit their site and give 'ol Cliff and his staff a call to get your comics there!

Dr. No's Comics & Games
3428 Canton Road, Marietta GA 30066
Phone Number: (770) 422-4642


5/28-5/31-2015  Momocon was PROMOcon!!!!
The first ever Momocon for Scairy Tales Noir comics was a success! I got to hang with my arteest buds Eric Dotson, Lee Jiles, Brett Brooks, Phil Chalker, Jason Flowers, Danny Haas, Drew Garaci, Andrew Byrd, Jonathan Chaffin, Nicole Hall, Dakoma Sanchez,Molly, Mike & Monique Huffman, Collin and MORE! I made lots of news fans who had some really awesome things to gab about too! Best of all, I got to have over half an hour talking all cool things noir with artist icon Brian Stelfreeze!! There was even some artist pranking going on that you can read about on my Facebook page too! Truly an awesome event and great time had by all! Can't wait for NEXT year!

5-22-15 Animazement was aniMAZING!!!
Truly the largest anime show I've done yet and one of my biggest in North Carolina! I got to hang with my pals  Tim Showers​, Leigh Wells​, Michael Huffman​, Monique St-Germain Huffman​, Collin and Laura as well as make new fans! Even better, I got to see one of my biggest supporters, Mike Jelovsek and his wife too! 'The Finleys'made a ...er, SPLASH at the anime debut and all was a rockin' good time!

5-15-15 Fanfest in Columbus, Georgia was FUNfest!
I had an great time hanging out with my pals Christopher Collins​ and Bobby Nash​ out in Columbus, Georgia for Fanfest!!! We all met some great people and got a few kids to understand what we do, maybe even inspire them! For a con first, I even met a guy who's nickname is "pickles"...and he bought all the Fried Pickle Noir stuff! He has good tastebuds....'The Finleys' also made their con debut to much success! Thanks to my pals Doug DeTar​ for FINLEYS support and Shekiese K. Barnes​ and Thomas Barnes​ for bringing out their little one!  Special thanks to Ian and Emily and all the others in the drawing class I did for putting up with my silliness!

5-12-15 THE FINLEYS have arrived!

Yep, I'm bestowing a new comics series upon you by myself and my writer buddy Chris Garrett...The Finleys! What's it about? Basically....a family of sharks as your next door neighbors! Why are they out the water? What's with the chum buckets? How can they live among humans? What's with the cemetery....? All this and MORE can be answered in the pages of issue #1! Plus, there's a NEW PAGE to the right all their very own where you can read a sample of the FINtroduction! Best of all, if ya love it so much that ya gotta have it, it's available starting June 1st at comic cons we each appear at and NOW AVAILABLE online! click the page to sample, buy and enjoy!

5-2-15 FREE COMIC BOOK DAY at Dr. No's Comics & Games
What an AWESOME day to spend celebrating COMIC BOOKS with thousands of fellow geeks! I did loads of free sketches for all the kids and grown-up types that came and told 'em all about Scairy Tales Noir! Check out the pics for my day with artist icon Drew Geraci, Joe Pruett, Dean Motter, Mark Bagley, Van Jensen, my fellow indie guy Zachary Vaudo and MORE! Best of all, Cliff and the gang at Dr. No's were top shelf in everything they did for us! 


4/25-26/2015  Marble City was a BLAST!!
It was time to return to Marble City Comic Con and boy was it a hoot! Seeing my pals Carie, Ryan and Dakota Faricelli, having my table next to my bud Bobby Nash and seeing so many artists again like Mike Faber, Andrew Byrd, Morgan, Lizi and MORE was so much fun. Shannon and his group did a BANG UP job!

4-20-15 Oxford Comics in Atlanta carries my comics!!!

Oxford Comics now carries comics by Scairy Tales Noir!!!!

In Atlanta? Want some weirdo comics? Stop on by Oxford and ask Hart for where she's keepin' "Fried Pickle Noir" and "Scairy Tales" comics!!!!! A very special thanks to Hart for giving me such an awesome opportunity!

Oxford Comics Games & More
2855 Piedmont Road NE
Atlanta, GA  30305
Phone:  (404) 233‐8682


4/6/15 MTAC 2015 was a SMASH!!
MTAC 2014 was my most successful con all last year so it was an awesome return to go back this year! Not only did I make new fans but ALL of the people I met last year came back and REMEMBERED ME!!! It was an awesome time seeing my pals Brian Wessler, Erik Anderson, Chandler Peterson, Cory Beck Digital Photography, Connor, Ian, Joshua, Chris Eswine, Robbie & Michael, Scott Loftis, Kristen, Andrew Byrd, Will, Leroya nd so many more! Not to emntion my new pals, Rebecca, Alex Mason, Anthony E Thompson (aka BIG RED) and all my fellow artist/vendor pals too. It was an awesome time and I can't wait to come back! Great job Fred, Heather and the entire MTAC gang!

3-24-15 Scairy Tales Noir comics at Dr. No's comics for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!
A big thanks to Cliff Biggers of the legendary Dr. No's comic book Superstore in Marietta, Georgia for taking a chance on me for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY on Saturday May 2nd!! Not only will I be appearing but they'll also have Marvel Comics artist legend Mark Bagley as well as other DC/Marvel artists too! So, come on out for what is usually a HUGE event at Dr. No's!!!

Dr. No's Superstore
3372 Canton Road
Suite 104
Marietta, Ga 30066

3-23-15 SC Comicon ROCKED!!!

It was like a darn reunion coming back to SC Comicon! Robert Young and Micah Taylor and staff put on another amazing show yet again. So many of us artists and vendors came back as well as TONS of attendees that remembered us all! Had to grab a couple pics from my pals since I forgot my camera on day one! UG! Still, plenty 'o pics of the fun madness are here.Here's to the gang from Borderlands Comics and my pals Isabella Jacovino, Darby Harris, Neil Lee Griffin, Chris Hamer, Andrew Bones, James Christopher Hill, Michael Gordon, Randy Bishop, Mike Faber, Dimitri Paints Walker, Peter Cutler, Ian Jarold and so many more, not to mention the awesome folks in Greenville! Plus we all got to Drink & Draw and see NEil perform! See you all NEXT year too!

3/16/15 Indiana Con ROCKED!!!!
For 3 days, Indiana Comic Con (not the Wizard version) was an awesome spectacle!! It was one of my best cons yet and through it all I got to hang with my good buddy Timothy Paul, an artist in his own right! We pushed our work like the geek soldiers we are and had loads of fun! It was also Tim's birthday too! Talk about an awesome way to celebrate! Plus, I had some great neighbors next to me like Danny Haas! The stars were in full attendance with the likes of Carrie Fisher, Jason Momoa, Mike Zeck, Denny O'Neil and LOADS more! I met plenty of cool artists and made tons of new fans as well. Check out the pics for all the madness! And this next weekend is the return to SC Comicon!


2-24-15 ETSU Con 2015 2/21-2/22

ETSU Con 2015 was a success!!

Just got back from ETSU Con in Johnson City TN and had so much fun! I nearly lost my voice because I'm a big 'ol yakker but found PLENTY of fellow geeks that loved to do the same kinda geeking out as me! Snow did little to thwart our nerdy goodness. Check out the pics above for some of the mayhem, fellow and my new pals and Pickle converts!

2-20-15 Pod Vomit podcast interview for J.R. Mounts and Scairy Tales Noir!!!!
Yep, I had an awesome time with my buds Nickelbag Rik and Justin Beals of Pod Vomit podcasters. Click the link below to listen in but BE WARNED: this one IS NOT FOR KIDS!! We get a little "blue" with the language at times. However, we talk all kinds of things from my comics, my influences, how I do all this stuff...and some poop jokes. Whadda ya gonna do? Just close yer ears at times...CLICK BELOW and ENJOY!


2-3-15 1/30-2/1-15 Chattacon 2015 pics!!!
My first ever Chattacon was a couple weeks ago (had to get the above pics off my phone and it took some time for THIS ol geezer!). I had fun hanging with my Fanboy Glass pal Mike Huffman and meeting all kinds of new artist, vendors and literary fans. The biggest difference? I sold more of my actual art than the books! Here's a couple pics of some of the stuff I did. Next up is ETSU Con Feb 21-23!

1/23-26/2015  MAGFest 2015 was.....MAGnificent!
My first ever trip to Maryland for Scairy Tales Noir was for MAGFest 2015! What a time it was meeting new pals like Anthony, Peter, Kevin, Jeremey, Mallory, Rance and MORE! It was loads of work but tons of fun. It was my biggest con to date and I had more product with me than ever. Here's to next year! Check out the pics for all the Q Cumbersome madness!


1-17/18-2015 Murfreesboro con kicks off the tour meeting my hero Doug TenNapel!!
I had waaaaaaay to much fun on the first day of the "Fly & Soar or Crash & Burn" 2015 con tour for Scairy Tales Noir! Tennessee is always very good to me with great people to hang out with, artists and comics fan all together. Not only did I get to hang out with my fellow artist and vendor buddies but I got to make NEW pals and fans while doing what I love.
Best of all, my table was right near my storytelling/comics artist hero, Doug TenNapel. Many know him as the creator of all things Earthworm Jim (pc games, cartoon, etc...) and writer for Veggie Tales. The list of things he does is endless but along with all the other things he does, Doug creates,  writes and draws some of the best comics out there. Picture this: imagine if Calvin & Hobbes creator Bill Watterson were to have written 'The Iron Giant' as a comic...that's Doug. Unpredictable, zany and incredibly heartfelt individual tales that are so much fun, your eyes and mind can barely stand it! He was promoting his latest work, and first ever saga, "Nnewts: book 1" recently released. I recommend ALL of his work so be sure to seek it out, you will not be disappointed.
I got to spend a great amount of time talking with him discussing his creating process from writing and art. He showed me his little black book of chapter breakdowns for the next 2 arcs of "Nnewts" saga. We also discussed plot points of many of his other comics such as "Creature Tech", "Flink", "Bad Island", "Cardboard" and the incredible OUT THERE but so-much-fun "Black Cherry". It's time I will truly cherish and though I know I was a spaz, he allowed me to geek out with him as much as he said he did when he hung out with another of my heroes, Mike Mignola of Hellboy fame. It's truly awesome when you get to meet you heroes and they're so gracious. I was sure I was going to be served my first ever restraining order for stalking but instead I got an experience I won't ever forget. Thanks Doug.
So check out the pics for more fan art and fan fiction that I've have handed to me in quite awhile! Be sure to visit my other pals too, listed in the pics!
Next up.....MAGFest in Maryland this weekend!

1-15-15 Have ya got the balls?...Q balls that is!
Why stop at SNOMBIE ornament balls when you can also get Q CUMBERSOME!!!! Yeah, I don't sleep much...Hand made and every one is different and comes with a hat! Buy 'em at conventions everywhere this year!

12-12-14 SNOMBIES for Christmas!!!!
Yeppers, SNOMBIES arrive for the Christmas holiday! T-shirts! Ornament balls! Non-action figures!...and above all, the "SNOMBIES! A Musical Monsterpiece" cd and "The HOLE Sh-bang!" book for a whole 'Scairy Tales' comics bonanza! Email me for orders and check out the STORE page for everything to choose from! And remember, 2015 I'll be hitting ground running with LOADS of conventions on the "Fly & Soar or Crash & Burn" 2015 tour!


12-8-14 Yamacon 2014 was FUN-A-CON!!!!!
Got to hang out with my buds Mike Huffman of Fanboy Glass and Andrew Byrd of "Between the Panels", the upcoming indie comics webseries/movie. Anime shows have really helped to boost my comics and this time around was no exception! I rolled out the new SNOMBIE ornaments and figures as well as the "SNOMBIES!" musical cd/book too. For the first time, the "Scairy Tales" titles were doing as well as the "Fried Pickle Noir" titles! Q Cumbersome may have some competition! Check out the pics and look for MORE conventions for 2015 as I start the "Fly & Soar or Crash & Burn" Tour 2015!!!
As always, thanks to everyone for their support.

11-23-14 Atlanta Comic Con
Hanging out with my arteest buddies Eric Dotson, Randy Bishop, Mike Huffman, Jeff Todd, Lee Jiles, Kyle Johnson, Molly of Christmas Geek, Mark Wright and MORE!

11-22-14 Podcast with ESO at Borderlands Comics!
The Earth Station One guys invite me down for a podcast in Greenville at Borderlands Comics & Games courtesy of owner Rob Young! It was for a good cause and I had fun with Mike Gordon, Mike Faber, RAven, Tara, Peter Cutler, Rob Young and my "SNOMBIES!" musical cd cohorts Neil Lee Griffina nd Jessica Nicole Reinicke! The episode airs soon and we talk comics turned to cartoons! Link coming asap!

11-18-14 SNOMBIES ornaments hit the convention trail!!!!
Why take a break? When all these cool ideas come about, I just can't wait! So I'm making some SNOMBIE ornaments from the arts & crafts section of my local Wal-mart just in time for the new convention season! Each one different and limited!

11-14-14 Nerdacon 2014!!!!
I return to the Campus Nerds in Columbus Georgia with my buddies from Fanboy Glass, Dutch and Melanie Cummings, Wes Tillander and hang out with lots of returning friends and fans!

11-10-14 Even MORE new stuff! ...and a MUSICAL?!?!?!?!
Thanks to my KICKSTARTER supporters, the 'Scairy Tales' cd for  "SNOMBIES! a Musical Monsterpiece" and its graphic novel companion "The HOLE Sh-bang!" are NOW AVAILABLE! Come have a look and a listen at a comic convention near you or just visit my store!


10-31-14 HAPPY HALLOWEEN & thank you KICKSTARTER supporters!!!!!
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to my KICKSTARTER supporters for helping to make a dream project come alive! Because of YOU, the "SNOMBIES!" musical cd and "The HOLE Sh-bang!" companion graphic novel are being printed! So, let's do a BIG SHOUT OUT to:

Mary Polling McMillan        Marcia Abernethy       Virginia Sheppard   Christina Michels
Mike McQuade     Marc Labram   Brett Brooks    Lysa Shin      The Reinicke Family
Mike Gordon   Jonathan Chaffin     Isabella Jacovino    DE Burke  Charles Mosteller
Jayson Hammer    Phillip Ryan Chalker    Tyffani Clark  

Your support made this happen and I THANK YOU!!! Look for some special treats in your Halloween stockings this year! And now, on to printing!!!

10-24-14 GMX (Geek Media Expo)
I return to my first BIG convention ever at GMX in Tennessee. I see some familiar faces from last year as well as meet NEW fans too!

9-20-14 Ashville Comic Expo...or..A.C.E.!!!!
I rolled out the new comics and the new banner in North Carolina on Saturday and had such a great time! Not only was it packed and well recieved but I got to hang with my fellow artists who appeared there like I.R. Harris, Neil Lee Griffin, Jessica Naomi Reinicke, Randy Bishop, Bo Fader, Brockton McKinney and so many awesome vendors! Check out the pics above!

8-28-14 NEW BOOKS! I'm also on Amazon!

7-30-14 Indiegogo campaign is a success!!! 'Scairy Tales' goes to print!
....AAAAAAaaaaaaaannnnnndddd We're DONE! "Scairy Tales" reboot campaign is a success!!!!
That's right gang, the Indiegogo campaign to reboot the "Scairy Tales" comic strip ended successfully last night! That means that this October will see the comic strip in professionally printed COMICS!! No more squinty, half sized mini comics I printed from home. Nope! Full sized comics with nice pages and better dpi are coming just in time for the 5th October Year for Scairy Tales Noir Anniversary! In fact, I'm working on 'em RIGHT NOW!
THANKS to everyone for their support, sharing, likes, etc...for you're all very much appreciated and I've never felt more honored.

SPECIAL THANKS to my pals and contributors Jonathan M Chaffin, Artist Rex, Rainy Daye, Michael Gordon, Chris Garrett, Michael McQuade, Raoul Ranoa, Chris Hamer, Mary Poling McMillan and a very special Anne Nony Mouse! This could not have been done without you and so look for some special Halloween stocking stuffers coming your way this October (or perhaps...EARLIER!).

So, I'm back at it getting these "Scairy Tales: the not so scary fairy tales!" comics to look as good as possible so that they're ready for print asap!
Thank you everybody, I hope to do you all proud!
As always, thank you for your laughs, guffaws and your groans.

7-20-14 Northwest Georgia Comic & Toy Con
Hanging out in Douglasville with arteest buds Randy Bishop, Mark Wright, Eric Dotson, Lee Jiles and Jeff Todd!

6-6-14 Hamacon
Anime cons are proving good to me as I have a BLAST at Hamacon!

5-30-14 Con Carolinas
I get into WAAAAAAAAY too much fun with my arteest pals Bo Fader and Brockton McKinney as I hit my first lit con where George R R Martin takes up all the people!!!!

5-16-14 SC Comicon by Borderlands Comics & Games
Perhaps the best con ever handled, owner of Borderlands Com ics Robert Ypung and his staff OUTDO themselves with a PERFECT con for all. Got to hang with my buds. Neil Lee Griffin, , Jessica Nicole Reinicke, Brett Brooks, Phillip Ryan Chalker, Chris Hamer, Kelley Yates, Mike Gordon, Pete Cutler, Bobby Nash and MORE!!!!

4-18-14 MTAC (Middle Tennessee Anime Con)
My first anime con ends up being my most successful con to date! The gang here REALLY ate up the Q comics and even had me cosplay as Q at their rave!!!! Oy....I cannot dance!

4-11-14 Marble City Comic Con
Plenty of time to hang out with Brett Brooks, Chris Hamer, Mike Huffman, Marcus Moore, I.R. Harris, Patrick Giles, Marc Labram and MORE!!! Cosplay as Q was never more sweaty!

3-15-14 MGA (Middle Georgia comic con)
Plenty of hanging around to do with my pals Dimitri Walker, Bobby Nash, Mike Gordon, Fanboy Glass and meet Brett Brooks, Phillip Ryan Chalker, and Patrick Giles!

2/21-2/23 Con Nooga 2014 was a SCAIRY success!
My weekend at Con Nooga was a blast!! Last year, they were my first big convention out of state. I had such a good time, I wanted to be sure to return. The results were AWESOME!!! I saw all of last year's pals like Carie and Ryan Faricelli, Brittany Hoal, Sean Taylor, Lysa Shin, Bobby Nash, Mike Gordon, Mike Huffman and Monique Huffman, Holly Page, not to mention Walking Dead zombies Alex Wayne and Tony Gowell!! PLUS, I made a whole slew of NEW pals as well like Neil Lee Griffin, Jeff Hollingsworth, Elise Murasso, Lizi Campbell and MORE!!! Check out the pics above to see all the wonderful madness that was Con Nooga 2014. Can't wait for 2015!!! See you all there next year!

2-17-14  The SCA
IRY  TRAILS 2014 Tour begins this Friday!!!!
Hi gang, 
Scairy Tales Noir comics starts 2014 off with a BANG in Chattanooga at Con Nooga! There's LOTS more dates for this year on the calendar below if you want to see if STN is in your hometown. This year, the comic cons will see the brand new trade paperbacks for three 'Fried Pickle Noir' books, "The Raw Dill", "KILLbasablanca" and "The Dirty Half-Dozen". These books will tell the entire origin for fried pickle detective Q Cumbersome! There's even a LIMITED EDITION of what's called "The Origin Thrillogy" that contains all 3 arcs. That's a LOT of pickle! After that, even more books will see print this year for the comic strip 'Scairy Tales: the not so scary fairy tales!'. Keep checking the STORE page for all kinds of new stuff coming your way this year. So, if you're around this weekend in Chattanooga, come and say hi! If you're attending, I'll be doing a panel on Saturday at 1pm called "Starting Your Own Comics" that should be fun and informative for me and hopefully...you! If you'd like to see what's going on, check out the NEWS page for past conventions, costumes, podcasts, tons of pictures and MORE! For anything else, feel free to email me!
See you on the trail!

HAPPY 2014 Everybody!!!
The Indiegogo campaign to "Print the Pickle" is over and there's some people who deserve extra special attention for their contributions and here they are:
Marc Labram (he's going to be a CHARACTER in a special Fried Pickle Noir comic !)
Mary Polling McMillan
Michael McQuade
Tim Price
Tim Paul
JAX Attack

to all of you! Your special perks will be on the way no later than March after I get printing completed. Great things are coming this year and I thank all of you for getting me a head start! See you on the Scairy "TRAILS" Tour 2014 at a comic convention near you!
Cheers, J.R.

12/1 Phenix City Comic & Toy Con
Scairy Tales Noir ends the year with a bang at the last con of 2013. Hanging out with Dutch and Melanie Cumming, Mario Russo, Chris Garrett, Randy Bishop, Chris Hamer, Artist Rex and his wife, Wes Tillander as well as all the comic lovers that came out that day! We'll recap our year and give some hints at what to expect in 2014!!!  
                                                                                 Cheers, J.R.

11/15-16 2013 NERDACON at Columbus University, Georgia!!!
J.R. hangs with the college crowd and Columbus neighbors for more SCAIRY fun! Walking Dead zombie Alex Darko and his girlfriend Ashlley talk about some awesome FRIED PICKLE NOIR possibilities! More on that later but for now, enjoy the pics of a great time for my first Nerdacon and check out my artist pals Artist Rex, Jonathan Hill, our BATMAN Bruce Thompson and some new Scairy Tales Noir comics fans!

11-9-13 PODCAST with Mark Holland!
Scairy Tales Noir has it's first podcast! Met Mark Holland at the Warner Robins Comic Con and was flattered when he asked if I'd be interested in setting up a podcast interview for his website. Did some special art for him and the occasion as well as pics of the new stuff coming up. Discussed all things for Scairy Tales Noir past, present and future at this link here:

Check out the video preview here:

GMX  Nov 1-3
11-1, 11/2, 11/3-2013 GMX (Geek Media Expo)
Scairy Tales Noir goes to their first GMX in Nashville, TN and makes QUITE an impression! Plus, even Q Cumbersome walked those hallowed halls! I had so much fun, I've already signed on for NEXT year!

11-3-13 ASCC Marietta
Scairy Tales Noir in Marietta at ASCC!! Two gigs at once? Holy guacamole!

10-26-13 Teahouse Comics Halloween
Scairy Tales Noir re-haunts Teahouse Comics one year later! Exactly one year ago, I started doing public appearances and my favorite comic shop was the first stop ever! This time around, I'm not so nervous and brought THE FUZZ with me, I dressed as 'ol Q Cumbersome in person!!!

10-19-13 RALLIE for ALLIE
Car Show was a rainy day but a lot of fun! Met some great people and made progress for some future projects too!

10-6-13 ASCC McDonough


10-5-13 Coca Cola Space Museum Comic Con in Columbus  OCTOBER!! Had a blast with all my favorites and even got to meet Gil Gerard (Buck Rogers)!!!

9-29-13 Warner Robins Comic Con is a hit!!!! PLUS, I dressed as 'ol Q Cumbersome himself to tell the world about Scairy Tales Noir!

That's right gang!, 'Fried Pickle Noir : The Raw Dill' is now in it's official printed run for full size, glossy pages, great quality paper and new interior design all thanks to Comix Well Spring! The trade paperbacks are in color and the single issues are in black & white! The STORE page has been adjusted for this printing so know that these are not ashcan mini comics but FULL SIZED comics and I couldn't be happier!

August 30 through September 2, 2013  DRAGON CON 2013!!!!
I rolled out the Q Cumbersome costume to generate interest in my comics and it was pretty fun, if incredibly hot!  Saw quite a few of my artist pals and saw a LOT of my heroes from William Shatner to Lee Majors to Doug Jones and so many more. Even got pics of some celebs with the Scairy Tales Noir sign!!! Look for some beloved Face Off contestants holding my sign!
8-30-13    ATTENTION Dragon Con-victs:
If you have been directed to this website while attending Dragon Con in Atlanta, you have been ticketed by none other than fried pickle detective Q Cumbersome P.I. (Pickled Investigator) and must now pay a fine at this website. You must now do community service by reading all content on this website for the comics 'Fried Pickle Noir' and 'Scairy Tales'comic strip. You can also go to this address and redeem your fine by going to this link, go to the SHERPA tab and subscribe to 'Scairy Tales: the not so scary fairy tales!' at the A-Z listing for further community service:
You can also go to FACEBOOK and "Like" Scairy Tales Noir as well as  J.R. Mounts!

August 25, 2013 : Q costume ready for DRAGON CON!!!
J.R. takes 2 days to make a Fried Pickle Noir, 'Q' costume to promote 'Scairy Tales Noir' comics and it's ready in time for Dragon Con 2013! Check out the pics here and you can also go to Facebook to see the whole process!

August 4 2013, Coca Cola Space Science Center
Scairy Tales Noir had a blast in Columbus Georgia and met a lot of new comic geeks as well as hung out with some old friends! Plus, rolled out the display WITH LIGHTS!!!

July 27 2013, SATURDAY
North West Georgia Collectors Toy & Comic Con in Douglasville was a real BLAST! I rolled out the NEW LOOK for the back display ad table design to really represent what I do and it worked perfectly. Check out the pics with my pals Gary Rutledge, Lysa Shin, Timothy Price, Randy Bishop, KJ Eldridge, Eric Dotson AND MORE!!! PLUS check out Bruce as BATMAN inside the GENRAL LEE car!!!

July 26 2013 prepping the NEW LOOK!!!
Unsatisfied with how cluttered my table looked and getting buried in dark corners at cons, I decided to "UP" my profile. Since my comics are mainly b&w, I thought RED would allow them to 'pop' so I went with a red table cloth, thinner , taller comic shelves, a GIANT red marketing display and  hours of drawing images on foam board and cutting them like so to give you this: THE BEAST!!!! And I'm not even done! Wait 'til you see it with lights! It's gonna look like a 1950s drive-in!! Check out the pre-con pics!

July 17 2013
Hey gang! The comic strip 'Scairy Tales: the not so scary fairy tales!' is on Go Comics affiliate, Comics Sherpa! Click the link below and go to the 'Sherpa' tab to SUBSCRIBE for FREE to my comic strip every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!! Click below:


"SCAIRY TALES: the not so scary fairy tales!"
are now on Comics Sherpa running 3 days a week!!!! Check out the logo below and go here to see the episodes from the beiginning!:
That's right gang! In an attempt to get my comics even MORE exposure, I'm online at an official comics strip site for novice artists to get feedback and exposure. Feel free to check it out and tell me what I'm doing wrong AND right! Don't be shy, click the link and see some great comic strips from a lot of beginning artists!


July 14 2013
, Sunday at the ASCC McDonough!!!
Scairy Tales Noir  hang out with pals in McDonough! Check out the pics of my friends Jax, Mark Wright, KJ, Randy Bishop, Walking Dead Zombies and MORE!!!!

July 7 2013 Atlanta Comic Con
Scairy Tales Noir guy J.R. Mounts spends the day in Atlanta with all my pals including 'The Flaming Carrot' gurus Bob Burden and Roxanne Starr!!! Check out the pics! They're also on Facebook if you wanna talk to any of the faces here!

'Scairy Tales' comics get kind words from Christy Jeffcoat!!!

" I read the first issue of Scairy Tales and LOVED it! I couldn't stop laughing. My cats kept looking at me like I was crazy. Even worse, I kept thinking one...
scene was my favorite until I turned the page and found a new favorite. Seriously though, I think 1 of my top 3 moments is Gus looking at that poor postal worker and saying, "Male-Man eh? Sir, that is one crappy costume." lmao! That might have to be my desktop for the next couple of weeks. Really good work, J.R.! And the artwork is awesome!"

Thanks Christy! To read MORE about us on her blog, go to:
Be sure to check out all of her own awesome art as well!

J.R. Mounts and 'Scairy Tales Noir' has been featured on Christy Jeffcoat's art blog!! I call it, humbly enough, "My Story". Check out all the "Scairy" business here!:

THEN, check out her Pinterest link to us here!:

Sci Fi Summer Con June 7,8 & 9 2013
First ever SFSC!! Had a lot of fun hanging out in an intimate con. Even did a couple of panels!!! Check out the pics for all the cool stuff and people!

STN is mentioned in gigageekmagazine.com!!!! Here's the link, though they spelled the name wrong, who cares!! Even pics and art! Go here:

Marietta Anime & Comic Con June 2 2013

Had a blast and close to home! Check out the pics with all my artist pals and NEW friends!

April 21, 2013
Atlanta Comic Con, one of my favorite places with many of my pals! Plus, BATMAN endorses Scairy Tales Noir! How much more street cred do ya need? (many thanks to Bruce Thompson for his awesome costume!)

April 14 2013 Atlanta South Comic Con in McDonough

March 17 2013
Joelanta Toy Convention

March 1-3 2013
Con Nooga, Chattanooga TN

February 24 2013
Columbus Comic Con at the Coca Cola Space Museum!!!

February 3 2013
Atlanta Comic Con, Bob Burden was there! (He does Flaming Carrot and Mystery Men among others!

January 2013
ASCC McDonough

December 2012
Atlanta Comic Con, first sketch request (thanks Abigail and Will Beerman)

November 2012
  first comic convention with an artist table! Atlanta South Comic Con

October 2012
the first gig! Teahouse Comics FREE comic book day and HALLOWEEN!!!

First website that went live Dragon Con weekend 2011

Dragon Con 2012
debut of 'Fried Pickle Noir' #1 trade paperback "The Raw Dill"

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