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11-18-16                      STUCK IN MY HEAD
240+ pages of story and art, 2 cds worth of music written and performed by me. This work is my passion, the best of me at this moment in time. This piece of work is also a love letter to my wife who has stood by me every step of the way while I follow my crazy dream of creating this kind of stuff, trying to build a career as an artist.
"Stuck In My Head" is about a person named Oliver Lyndt who has hit the bottom of his life in a terrible job and is becomming a bit of a bastard, seeing the worst in everything as his anger colors his perspective on his life.  But, because he has a wonderful wife, a house and many other things to be happy about, he travels through his life and fantasies to find out when he became so bitter and why, in hopes he can become a better man.
With 2 hours worth of music accompany the book as a soundtrack, STUCK IN MY HEAD is journey that some may relate to and even find hope for themselves.


LISTEN to 18 full songs (outta 48 total) on my YouTube channel below! Each song comes with art thumbnails directly from the graphic novel companion with images relating to the scene they were written for.

NOW AVAILABLE! STUCK IN MY HEAD ---for Mature Aduciences ONLY!
Just a side to remind everyone...STUCK IN MY HEAD is an ADULTS ONLY book due to graphic fantasy violence, profanity and sexual situations (but no nudity), even in some of the music. That's why it's billed for MATURE AUDIENCES, as you can see why in the sample pics. This a MUCH different book than what some may be used to by me. Is it funny? Sure. Profane? Oh yeah. Profound? Maybe. So just be warned that this 240 page book with a TWO cd set of music may not be everyone's cup of tea and I'm aware of that. It's about stress, marriage, bad jobs and the fantasies this guy Oliver Lyndt lives in to get away from it all. It is my best work thus far, no bones about it. It's also one that may surprise people in both good and bad ways depending on their lives. But, this one may be about all of us too.

COMING SOON 2016!!!!
As of yesterday all the art is finished for the comic book portion of STUCK IN MY HEAD. Next up is to finish the final draft of the script then finish recording all the music. While in Texas last May, I stumbled upon a story element that came as a nice surpirse and one that I think really ties this story together. You'll know soon enough what The Black Thing is...

3-31-16   STUCK IN MY HEAD interview on the ESO Network!!!!

My good pals Mike Faber​ and Michael Gordon​ of the ESO Network posted their March 25th episode 310 and interview me about my newest comic book/cd project STUCK IN MY HEADcurrently on Kickstarter. Click below for the episode that centers on Captain America as well! Props to these fine lads for their friendship and constant support!


3-31-16 STUCK IN MY HEAD stretch goals available!
STRETCH Goals, new reward and upgrades...oh my! 

Okay, let's have some fun. Now that the minimum goal has been met and passed for my STUCK IN MY HEAD comic book/cd project at Kickstarter, let's put the word 'stretch' to some fun use in STRETCH GOALS!

Introducing levels HEADS, SHOULDERS, KNEES & TOES!

Shoot on over to the link below to find all kinds of ways to add new supporters, grab some of my current catalog at a discount and spread the word to unlock rewards for EVERYONE!

So, while we run the clock, I want to thank EVERYONE for their support that made this project happen!
3-17-16 Wanna get something...Stuck in YOUR head?

Here's some fun video I did with my pals Nathan Simmons​, Tim Frady​, Daniel Guy​ and Chris Goins​ the PREMIERES the very Kickstarter project you've heard way too much about...'STUCK IN MY HEAD'.
This was done a few weeks ago before breaking it to the world. Click below and see some behind the scenes stuff as I sit with Nathan aka The Gargyle and the rest of the Mass Listeria podcast gang I'm proud to call my buds!

Join the KICKSTARTER here:

3-15-16 Join the KICKSTARTER for "STUCK IN MY HEAD" by J.R. Mounts!!!!
That's right gang, a NEW project is underway by yours truly! Now, be warned, it's forMATURE AUDIENCES in that there's gonna be some profanity, violence and sexual situations (but no nudity ,that's just weird). Those old enough can see a good supply of art samples on the STUCK IN MY HEAD page to the right tabs. Picture a constant daydreamer/Walter Mitty type guy so miserable that all his daydreams lately are about killing his co-workers. But he doesn't WANT to be unhappy so he looks inward to fight and try to save himself before he loses everything good in his life. This is a sequential art and cd soundtrack combination all completely created, written drawn and performed be myself (adding a few pals along the the way and through the years). Click below for the Kickstarter link going until May 7, 2016 for art and song samples of what to expect! See MORE on the page tab for STUCK IN MY HEAD.

TELL A FRIEND...and even an enemy!


Join the KICKSTARTER through May 7, 2016!!!!!

Can the angriest daydreamer alive save himself in time before he loses all the good in his life?

                                        STUCK IN MY HEAD by J.R. Mounts 

                                      A Seriously Farcical, Farcically Serious                                                                     SemiArtoAutoDocuMockuBioGraphaMentarOgraphy                                                   
                                             For MATURE AUDIENCES

Oliver Lyndt is possibly the angriest man alive. But why? He’s got a loving wife, a decent house and a steady job, yet he’s completely unhappy. The only time he’s not is when he’s in his fantasy world where he’s anything from a rock star, secret agent, lady killer, etc… Unfortunately, he hates his life and can’t figure out when he became so miserable. And now he wants to write a fairy tale. STUCK IN MY HEAD follows one man’s fantastical journey down his mental rabbit hole full of surly pets, traffic monsters, whorey Cinderellas and more. How can such an angry man write a fairy tale for children? Can such a man go from self-destruction to salvation before it’s too late? 

STUCK IN MY HEAD is the story of a man named Oliver Lyndt, a constant daydreamer much like Walter Mitty or Ralph Phillips from the Looney Tunes cartoons. The difference between he and those characters is that Oliver is so incredibly unhappy that all he daydreams about is killing his annoying co-workers, rude drivers, etc...violently.

Now ol' Oliver has a wonderful wife whom he loves dearly, two pets and everything else that should make any adult seem content. So why is he so miserable? Readers take a 10-year trip through the mind of a sad daydreamer in search of happiness.  We enter his mind through his fantasies and defining moments of his past in order to discover why he's so unhappy and whether he can do anything about it before it's too late and he stands to lose everything.

This is my first sequential art comic and a story that also features a musical score with songs written & performed by me, J.R. Mounts, and supported musically by some of my pals to coincide with events in the story.

This book is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES.  Even though it's done within fantastical daydreams, there are depictions of VIOLENCEPROFANITY and SEXUAL SITUATIONS throughout the story and soundtrack, although no real nudity is depicted. 

This a passion project and I realize the readership will likely be limited as well. It will most likely be a LIMITED RELEASE in so much as I'll only print what I can afford to print as I can afford to print it.  The larger size, the little bit of color, page count and cd elements of this project cause the costs to go up as well. This means it'll be more expensive than all my previous comics projects as far as both cost and availability.

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