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"Scairy Tales: the not so scary fairy tales!" comic strip created, written and drawn by J.R. Mounts. Fun the whole family in a "Calvin and Hobbes meets The Nightmare Before Christmas" kind of way. Little misfit kids in the 1950's style town of Sunset dress up all year long as superheroes and monsters, their favorite! However, they get picked on a lot so their little group bands together for their only support. That is, until they discover that real  MONSTERS live across Troll Bridge in the town of Moonrise!
Catch all the fun in every episode!

6-22-17 Scairy Tales book 4, "LOVE EXCiting & New!" is AVAILABLE!!!!!

If you've noticed I hadn't updated my site in awhile, it's because I was hard at work to publish my next volume for Scairy Tales! And now, after what seems like forever, book 4 iss available and called "LOVE, Exciting & New!" where The Cooties infect everyone with Love-itis! Puppy love comes to Scairy Tales! But that's not all! Meet new characters like Ann "Nonny" Mouse, Gilly, Oldzilla, Snailiens and Evil Gus and Evil Moses! It's the best Scairy Tales book yet with an original format and even better quality paper! By it in the STORE page or see me at a con to pick it up. Be sure to go to the SCAIRY TALES pages for a sample!


NEW! Click below to hear songs and story samples from the SNOMBIES musical entitled:

"SNOMBIES: A Musical

Written, co-produced and performed by J.R. Mounts and pals!
Listen to full samples of
"SNOMBIES: A Musical MONSTERpiece!" complete on my YouTube channel! Click below!


7/20/15  The GAMES are here! The GAMES are here!
That's right gang, the NEW CARD GAMES from Scairy Tales Noir are NOW AVAILABLE! Now YOU can play characters from "Fried Pickle Noir: Cop Salad"and "Scairy Tales: Ghoulball" with your family and friends! Just in time for the next round of conventions coming up like Monstercon in South Carolina and GEN CON in Indiana this month! Each game has tons of NEW ART and introduces some characters no one has even seen yet! Check the calendar below for dates and links to all events and be sure to check out the GAMES page for info on the games too!


4-23-15 New cover art for Scairy Tales games!!!
Here's the official card backs for the 'Ghoulball' card game featuring Munchie the Ghoulball mascot!  Look for it before this summer by myself and my pal Jonathan Linneman!


4/6/15 COMING SOON!!!!
In the works right now is the 'Scairy Tales'  card game called "Ghoulball" that I'm developing with my buddy Jonathan Linneman for later this year! New art and everything!

11-22-14 SNOMBIES!!!!! A Musical Monsterpiece and HOLE Sh-bang book!
The latest from Scairy Tales: the not-so-scary-fairy-tales is a book and MUSICAL!! Yeppers, I love writing music and so the next step for the towns of Sunset and Moonrise is to be invaded by SNOMBIES and SING about it! Fear not, there's plenty of silly to be had 'round these parts! The musical is called "SNOMBIES; a Musical Monsterpiece" while the volume 3 book is called "The HOLE Sh-bang" because it has the musical story and MORE!
Check out synopsis and pics right below. Order at the STORE page on this website!


11-22-14 "SNOMBIE" musical cd and "The HOLE SH-Bang" Scairy Tales book!

8-10-14 NEW & IMPROVED "Scairy Tales" comics!!!
Hey there gang!
Thanks to my Indiegogo campaign supporters, the NEW comics are here! Better pages, nicer printing, incredible artwor-----well, two outta three ain't bad! Same old artist but perhaps better art! All in all, these comics have never looked better! And now, THEY'RE AVAILABLE AT AMAZON AND KINDLE!!! So now there's even more chances for you to pick up some fun comics! Click on some of the samples to see. Available in TWO trade paperback volumes: "In The Beginning" vol #1, "Kids, Snombies & Car-Mobiles, OH MY!" vol #2 each over 100 pages, and finally a complete collection of the ENTIRE run so far called "THE BIG BOY" for over 200 pages! Don't forget the Coloring Book too!All trade volumes and collections have extra art, art by my artist pals as well as behind the scenes content and special extras! Best of all, these comics are easy on the cash flow for the value! Email for anything you'd like to order or check out the calendar on the Home Page to visit me at a convention near you!

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