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All sales plus shipping are paid through PayPal. Just email me and let me know what you'd like to order! An official order system will be in place soon but for now, just email me.

Here using PAYPAL you can buy comic books, graphic novels, card games, cd musical, coloring books, buttons, art prints, ornaments and anything else I think up! Even art by request! 
Take a look below and tell me if you'd like them signed or sketched!

SHIPPING HAS INCREASED AT USPS and is reflected in most tabs to $6.50 flat rate;
email me for orders of more than one so I can combine shipping manually in the invoice

Comic books & games! (good for all ages except where indicated):
Single and collected volumes for all titles!!! listed below:

'Scairy Tales' vol 4 "LOVE, Exciting & New!" 100 pages color-ish $15 

STUCK IN MY HEAD  NEW 240+ pages, 2 cds music, $35 ADULTS ONLY 

 "Fried Pickle Noir; Cop Salad" card game! (all ages) $12  SOLD OUT!

 "Scairy Tales: Ghouball" card game! (all ages) $12 SOLD OUT!

"The Finleys"  issue #1  40 b/w pages  $5  (all ages)

                       issue #2  36 b/w pages $5 NEW (all ages) 

'Scairy Tales' vol 1 "In the Beginning" over 100 pages $10 SOLD OUT
'Scairy Tales' vol 2 "Kids, Snombies & Car-Mobiles, OH MY!" 100+ pages $10 Sold Out
'Scairy Tales' vol 3 "The HOLE Sh-Bang!/SNOMBIES book" 200+ pages $10

'Scairy Tales'  collection (vol 1 + 2) "THE BIG BOY", 200+ pages with extras $10

Scairy Tales     Coloring Book $5 each 

Scairy Tales "SNOMBIES! A Musical Monsterpiece" cd $10 each

'Fried Pickle Noir'  (see story arcs listed below as FPN, for ages 12+)
"LEFTOVERS" (short stories collection) (color) $16.50  106 pages

"The Fruits of Others' Labors" 2015 Artbook  (color)  $10  52 pages

FPN book 1
"The Raw Dill"     $10 b&w  (ages 12+) 

FPN book 2 "KILLbasablanca"    $10 b&w   (ages 12+)

FPN book 3 "The Dirty Half-Dozen" (origin finale)   $10 b&w  (ages 12+)

FPN 3 book collection "The Origin Thrillogy"  color  $50 (ages 12+)

Art Prints  (make note of which one you want in the message or email me)
11x17 --$10
8x10 --$5

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