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And just WHO do I think I am anyway?!

All Original Content

My greatest passion is promoting my creator-owned comics and characters, so that's what yer gonna get pardner! Everything I offer and support is ALL ORIGINAL CONTENT. I'll parody things for sure and I have nothing against fan artists but I find new and original ideas to be much more stimulating than yet another piece of fan art.

Find even MORE stuff on my YouTube channel with interviews and music samples too!

Indie Art Attack

This is a concept I promote with my fellow independents where we help support each other, as well as any creator out there willing to go 100% for their own ideas without the umbrella of Batman or Deadpool. These folks are the real deal and so are we.

Believe It Man

Look, if I can put my feet in the fire at my age, without any artistic trainging other my own pure persistence and drive, then so can YOU. It ain't about riches and fame. I answered the question "What if?" by pursuing my passion. Now, I answer "What NEXT?" well as, how am I gonna afford to do that?

Scairy TRAILS 2018 Convention Tour: "What, YOU Again?!"

Jan 25 Buhl Elementary event, AL

Jan 26-28  Kamicon, AL

Feb 24-25 Savannah Comic Con, GA

Mar 10 The Comic Strip (signing) , AL

Mar 30-Apr 1 Indiana Comic Con, IN

Apr 6-8 Fan Expo Dallas, TX

Apr 20-22 JAMP Con, TN

May 12-13 Tidewater Con, VA

June 15-17 Denver Comic Con, CO

June 22-24 Hamacon, AL

July 14-15 Atlanta Comic Con, GA

July 27-29 Raleigh Supercon, NC

Aug 3-5 Tampa Bay Comicon, FL

Sept 28-30 Baltimore Comicon, MD

Nov 30-Dec 2 Yamicon, TN

No upcoming events.

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