Fried Pickle Noir

"Sin City meets Veggie Tales"

Crime stories about fruits and vegetables tryin' to bump each other off, mob style, in a seedless city called The Pits, starring Q Cumbersome. He's a fried pickle P.I. (Pickled Investigator) who fights mob ingredients like the Meatheads, Melonheads, Eggheads and Potatoheads. Meet characters like Hell Raisin, Hater Tot and Spamuel Jackson! 

That's right, there's some real "veggie splatter" served up on these dishes. Walk the chocolate-dark streets of The Pits...if you dare!

Rated V for "Vegetable Violence" 

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Get ready for the PUNishment!

Here ye, be warned....there's PUNS in them thar hills. Q Cumbersome's got a beef with some real cheezy characters, and he's bringin' SHELL with him! The ONLY series guaranteed to be healthy reading by the FDA! 

Read all about Q Cumbersome's adventures in "The Raw Dill," "KILLbasablanca," "The Dirty Half-Dozen," "Leftovers," and "Russet's Revenge."

Ages 10+

There's no weirdo food nudes, but there's plenty o' violence, just like grandma made at home, and the language here is PUNtastic, so ya just gotta be old enough to know what those are like, or else, you're a gonner!

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Fried Pickle Noir book 5 "Russet's Revenge" (NEW!)


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Q’s past comes back to haunt him in more ways than one when Russet returns with the Potatoheads and a thirst for revenge!

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