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"You've heard the expression “dance as if no one was watching?"  Well, Mounts tells jokes as if no one was listening. His narrative (in Fried Pickle Noir) starts to read like a spoken word poem that ebbs and flows with a background bass guitar.  It's dark and seedy in a Philip Marlowe sort of way ...  a book with plenty of meat.

--Mr. Pasty (Ain't It Cool News) 

"Writer/Artist J.R. Mounts has managed the impossible. He made me care about a trenchcoat wearing fried pickle. Not an easy feat, as you might suspect. J.R. gives us his unique take on a gritty noir detective story set in a world populated by assorted living foodstuffs and tells a damned entertaining tale in the process. As I've heard him pitch it at conventions, 'It's Sin City Meets Veggie Tales,' and that sums it up nicely. Fans of the unusual should give this book a look. It's fun stuff."

--Bobby Nash, award-winning author

"The passion that he brings is infectious. He just has an energy about him. He's dropping puns and one-liners, just a fun guy. Fried Pickle Noir is so goofy and corny, but I love it man! Right out of the gate I was hooked on this thing. All I wanted to do was quote every page of the book!" 

--ComiCast podcast Matt Bentley 

"If you don't have STUCK IN MY HEAD by J.R. Mounts, you are absolutely depriving yourself. I read that book and literally had tears in my eyes. The music that goes with it is amazing. It's immensely emotional. I LOVE that book!  It's deep at times, it's very funny at times. It had an emotional effect on me."

--Landon Faulkner, interview on RSRG podcast

"Every page (of Fried Pickle Noir) has a new food pun. If you step back from it...it's kind of amazing that all of these puns came together and actually form a story. Not just puns thrown in, but that they're actually part of the story! The puns help TELL the story." 

--ComiCast podcast Adam Ferguson

"(Scairy Tales) is a FUN read...with relatable characters. I totally would have worn a shark costume to school!" ---Daniel Lawson, Goodreads review

"(Fried Pickle Noir) is a hard-hitting, well-paced noir. The book is full of food-based puns, that I believe to be pulled off well and tastefully when they are being used for explicit reason. Believe me, his pun game is strong. It was a fun read that hooked me through until the end and makes me want to pick up more, after I get some fries. It kept me laughing, which I found to be very important. It didn’t matter if it was a bad pun that just had to be there, or a well placed pun, it was funny. A wild ride that will make you salivate for more." --Dillon, The Nerdy Show

"(Stuck In My Head) is such a good book! I got halfway through and thought it was the best thing he's ever done. It's REAL. A true love book." 

-- Phillip Broyles, RSRG podcast

"J.R Mounts is so corny, I can't even handle it! I loved it! Great veggie violence, fun atmosphere, and goofy humor. I recommend it if you have any sensitivity to hilarity!"

--Amazon reader review for Fried Pickle Noir, The Raw Dill

"Stunningly simple veggie style, mixed with incredible background depth, and just a splash of Dirty Harry.  This is both visually and mentally stimulating.  Trust me, if you don't fall in love with the look and feel (of Fried Pickle Noir), you are crazy. I found myself very closely looking at each page, as the look was different than anything else.  Having a style all it's own, setting itself outside the mainstream comic world which, in this reader's mind, is a great asset."     

--Heavy Metal Hobbit

"Great comic book, and I appreciate the fact the pages are in color too. Not to mention the A+ puns." 

--Amazon reader review of Fried Pickle Noir, The Origin Thrillogy

"Mr. Mounts has a wonderfully quirky sense of humor that the whole family can enjoy. Makes for good road trip entertainment." 

--Amazon review for SNOMBIES: A Musical MONSTERpiece cd

"Outstanding! I bought one of these books last year for Christmas, and I love it. At first I was a little skeptical on the idea of a pickle detective, but once I bought it and began reading it, I became hooked. The storyline of this first book is fantastic. J.R. does an excellent job on introducing you to the characters and to what's going on. The humor in the book is comedy gold, from the famous Peashooter to various locations and characters. This is a must read for anyone seeking something that's out of the ordinary and funny. I have just recently ordered the second book, and I must say, I can't wait to finish reading it!"  

--Amazon reader review for Fried Pickle Noir, The Raw Dill

"Who DOESN'T know J.R. Mounts?! The dude is everywhere!"

--Randy Bishop interview on turtlesdoit.com

"Creative dude doing cool things: J.R. Mounts" --Jim Pyre, Dead Letter Office

"This (In A World Where Bricks Rule) version is a quick intro to the derivative, yet fast and fun, game system. Also, J.R.’s artwork is great in it! "   

--review for pdf game by Jonathan Linneman called 'In A World Where Bricks Rule'

Coming soon!

I just finished work on art for a one-shot comic called "Photo Finish," written by my fellow indie buddy, Landon Faulkner (see "Photo Finish" tab), which should see release in early 2018. 

I'm currenty revamping my website, writing & drawing a new one-shot called "Silver Linings," (see page tab) and planning for the next convention in 2018 (see Calendar at the botttom of the Home page). But that's only the beginning.

If I can muster the time management that is my crazy life, I'm shooting for the first Fried Pickle Noir coloring book, a Scairy Tales Noir art print book, TWO Finleys comics, and then...we'll see! Keep checking back here for updates!

Indie Art Attack

This is a concept idea that was created by me and Eric Dotson of About Time Comics publishing (and creator/inker of "Dreamer" comics). The goal is to unite oursleves and others who do 100% original content, without the aid or protective umbrella of using licensed, and therefore, copyright-infringing fan art. Not a Batman or a Groot will grace these creators' products. Instead, you'll come across truly original characters and concepts that might seem a little strange at first, but hey, Hellboy, Harry Potter, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were once just original ideas too. How we'll go about promoting and managing this concept is still a work-in-progress. Just know this, when you see me, About Time Comics, or anyone we support, you're gonna find some really cool NEW and ORIGINAL work! 

No one works as hard as fully independent artists. NO ONE. So remember, next time you're hungry, and you see a million McDonald's around, there's probably a mom 'n' pop burger joint in it's shadow that's worth more of your time and money. They'll give you better service, better recipes, and appreciate you more.

Cool video interviews & online articles!

  1. Monkey Fighting Robots  article from Heroes & Villains Atlanta https://www.monkeysfightingrobots.com/indie-art-attack-seeking-to-help-fellow-creators-succeed/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook
  2. ComiCast from Conapalooza https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mc6Bw1GOA9E            
  3. Bleeding Cool's Sounds Books at Baltimore Comic Con https://soundbooks.org/2017/09/27/food-puns-as-far-as-the-eye-can-see-fried-pickle-noir-at-baltimore-comic-con-2017/
  4. Bleeding Cool has MORE Pickle puns with J.R. Mounts! https://www.bleedingcool.com/2017/09/27/fried-pickle-noir-baltimore-comic-con/
  5. ESO (Earth Station Podcast) Episode 401 is an all Frank MIller podcast and has me as a guest! http://esopodcast.com/the-earth-station-one-podcast-episode-401-the-art-of-frank-miller/
  6. Dragon Con DRAGON AWARDS (I was a finalist--announced by Paul Jenkins) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9X9g76cCqqc&t=207s
  7. Ain't It Cool News review http://www.aintitcool.com/node/66325
  8. The Geek Mix (spotlight) http://www.podcasts.com/the-geek-mix-21/episode/1-fried-pickle-noir-jr-mounts
  9. Bobby Nash pecks a pickle! https://www.patreon.com/posts/bobby-takes-on-15452459
  10. The Savannah Quill #1 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxbpjARMcWgJazJsLURVVlRRRXc/edit
  11. RSRG Podcast http://rsrgentertainment.com/random-sht-random-guy-episode-167-pikeville-comic-con-part-1-with-lord-landon-faulkner/
  12. Goodreads review https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/2072669948
  13. SciFiction at Magic City video interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCT7Zo_V9EI
  14. Cincy Comicon article https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2016/09/12/cincy-comicon-provides-boon-to-nerds-entrepreneurs.html#g4
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  17. Earth Station One (ESO) episode 310 http://esopodcast.com/the-earth-station-one-podcast-episode-310-the-75th-anniversary-of-captain-america/
  18. The Gargyle feature for STUCK IN MY HEAD special episode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NytMaM5F3F4
  19. RSRG Podcast http://rsrgentertainment.com/random-sht-random-guy-episode-124-lexington-comic-con-2016/
  20. Max Toys & Comics promo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQwERIY4Wm4
  21. Yamacon video interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nudKgTyVQKQ
  22. Jim Pyre article for Dead Letter Office http://www.jimpyre.com/2016/01/18/creative-cool-dude-doing-cool-things-j-r-mounts/
  23. ESO 300th episode http://esopodcast.com/earth-station-one-episode-300-geekdom-over-the-past-5-years/
  24. Perry Con with Podvomit Podcast https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/podvomit/episodes/2015-12-10T15_56_23-08_00
  25. RSRG interview at Marble City Minicon http://rsrgentertainment.com/random-sht-random-guy-episode-109-marble-city-mini-con/
  26. Marble City interview http://rsrgentertainment.com/random-sht-random-guy-episode-88-marble-city-comic-con-2015/
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