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Sept 6 2018


This has been a pretty tough year sales-wise. I'm doing a ton of shows as usual, around 28-40 annually. However, this year has been hard to make sales happen. I've found that the news is the same for almost everyone I know so, I chalk it up to being my "bad year". If I can survive this financial nose dive, great things are on the horizon for the near future. The most important is that my greatest work, SILVER LININGS is nearly done. It has been  the hardest and most rewarding project I've ever worked on and I'm SO EXCITED to share it. Look for that to release around Oct/Nov of this year and pre-order your copy in the SHOP page.

Furthermore, this down year has forced my hand to evolve into my next transition in hopes that I can get to that 'next level' I've dreamt of for so long before finances leave me to close down. Fingers crossed that 2019 will see something that'll really knock your socks off! It's not about books but more like a full booth makeover. More as that continues.

Lastly, ART! Yeppers, I've had a couple of experiences that led me to start drawing for fun and what has come about is a new art evolution for me as I'm getting back into prints and selling originals works and commissions of original content I think up. Look for those in the PRINTS & ORIGINALS page and in the SHOP page.

That's all for now but look for more updates as I go!

2019 Tour...BLAZE OF GLORY!

I'm booking like crazy for the aptly named Scairy TRAILS 2019 con tour, "Blaze of Glory". I'm not gonna do 40 shows a year like I have been for the last 3 years. I'm shooting for quality rather than quantity. Dates are coming into the Calendar section of my Home page constantly as I get word from conventions. I'm going to be in some new shows, possibly some very BIG shows and trying more VENDOR tables rather than the Artist Alley when I can afford to take that chance. The evolution has begun!

Commissions are on!

I've been getting a lot of art commission requests so feel free to email me at if you'd like to have me draw something in my style for ya! Check out the PRINTS & ORIGINALS page for samples of what I can do as well as the SHOP page for sneak peeks of the books themselves to give you a variety of styles to choose from!

Instagram mini-doc videos

For the entire next year, I'll be posting short videos from my Instagram that pertain to a "year-in-the-life" of what I do as an indie creator. You'll see my success, failures, challenges, new works and announcements to show you what's it's like being me. 

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