News & Updates

The NEW website is LIVE!!!!

Well,....OBVIOUSLY! Welcome to the new and improved website just in time for Christimas. Take a look around and have great fun discovering all kinds of stuff to put a smile on your face!

New Scairy TRAILS convention tour name for 2018....

I had the  "Debt Be Damned" last year and now I announce...."What, YOU Again?!" 2018 convention tour! I have to laugh at myself most days and so my lack of great fame, riches and success is just another log on the fire. 2018 should be a GREAT year!

New comics are coming!

I just finished "Photo Finish" with Landon Faulkner (see tab) and 2018 has lots of stuff planned. The current project is a Kickstarter for a one-shot story called "Silver Linings" (see tab) about an old man and an alien. More comics for The Finleys are being written right now and I hope to have the Scairy Tales/Fried Pickle Noir crossover one-shot out by next October! All this and more as I go so keep checking back for updates here!

Instagram mini-doc videos

For the entire next year, I'll be posting short videos from my Instagram that pertain to a "year-in-the-life" of what I do as an indie creator. You'll see my success, failures, challenges, new works and announcements to show you what's it's like being me. 

Ask me a question

You can always contact me through the 'Contact Me' area at the bottom of the Home page here and even join the NOOSELETTER there for occasional news. If you REALLY need more, just email me here at :

Just don't forget to add the "i" to scary when ya do!