Photo Finish

Written by Landon Faulkner

Indie comics creator, Landon Faulkner, is the true Cowboy in independent comics. "Photo Finish," is a comic idea inspired by country singer (and rodeo cowboy) Chris LeDoux's song of the same name.  He's the creator/writer of the comics "Right On Time," (art by Paul Spencer), "P.O.T.U.S." and more! He's also the co-publisher of Headshrinker's Press comics.

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Art by J.R. Mounts

Landon and I have been pals ever since we met 2 years ago along the indie comics convention circuit. He had a jacket as loud as my shirt! I'm proud to call this cowboy my pal. This is our first project together and probably won't be our last!

What's this doohickey about?

Chris is just trying to make his spot in the rodeo in Cheyenne, and all the chaos he encounters as he speeds his way across many states to get there. You will never look at sheep again in the same way!

The idea came about when Landon was inspired to make a comic book out of a song called "Photo Finish," by Chris LeDoux, a country singer/songwriter and rodeo cowboy. LeDoux's famous rodeo ride is one of legend. This comic also hints at a few other LeDoux song hits as well.