SILVER LININGS (coming soon)


The elderly. They're thrown away and cast aside by a youthful society. Their only crime was getting old. They struggle with new technologies, fading memories, and the pain of aging. With years of experience, intelligence, and maturity, they're only seen as lives waiting to expire. They're labled as "old coots," "codgers," "curmudgeons," "geezers," and worse. Their families rarely visit, and few ever come to them for advice or a reason to give their lives meaning. Their way of life dies a little more every day, along with their friends, families, and memories.  They remember being young once, with their lives ahead of them. Now, it feels like all those great days are behind them. Here, in Dubuque, Iowa, a small, dwindling community of old, retired, widower-farmers, spending their days inside their retirement community condos, waiting to die.

Until one day....hermitty old Angus Hort finds that something has crashed into his barn...from the skies. This friendly being he'll name "Skip," not only becomes his reason for living, but the only hope for saving the entire human race....with his help. Because doom approaches. Monsters are coming.