Stuck In My Head (mature audiences only)

It's my BEST story

This was a passion project, my "important book," that I just needed to get out. It covers a dark time in my life when I was at a crossroads concerning my life and the condition it was in. The story, art, characters, music, and lyrics are the most personal thing I've ever done...besides showering. Picture "Walter Mitty," directed by Tarantino!

STUCK IN MY HEAD comes with 2 cdrs of soundtrack music for FREE with purchase of the book. It's an oversized, 8.5x11 book, with over 2 hours of companion music that's in Oliver's head.

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It's about YOU too

In all the feedback I've gotten about this project, there isn't a single person who didn't see him/herself in this book at some point. It's as profound as it is profane; educational as much as entertaining; all designed to lighten your load, laugh, and shed a tear at times too. 

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Funded on Kickstarter within 3 hours, and a Best Graphic Novel finalist at the Dragon Con Awards (second to Jim Butcher himself!). 

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STUCK IN MY HEAD * (*Mature Audiences) Comes with free music soundtrack


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                       --Mature Audiences only--   

Oliver Lyndt has a good marriage but is in such a crappy job that all he does is daydream about killing his idiot co-workers. It’s a humorous look at adult life and ultimately about searching for hope when you’ve hit bottom. Includes 2 cds of free music soundtrack. (224 pgs; 2 cdrs music)(contains profanity, graphic fantasty violence, and sexual situations, but no nudity)

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