The Finleys (co-created by J.R. Mounts & Chris Garrett)

Sharks Cursed to Live in Chum Buckets!

From an ages-old fisherman's cheese curse, The Finleys are about sharks who live in chum buckets, forced to adjust to life with humans on land! Join Wyatt Finley, aka the great Wyatt Shark! He and his family of Finleys live in the anything-goes town of Bermuda!

Really Fishy Stories!

Have an absolutely JAW-some time as you flip through the pages and enjoy winks and nods to all our favorite shark geek outs!

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FIN-tastic Characters!

Come meet Moby and Ahab, the oddest duo of the sea! Hang with Bruce, the famous shark from ALL the big movies! Hollywood traffic! Visit the REAL Starbucks! And ZOMBIES?!?!?!

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Chris and I met years ago on the indie convention trail and just hit it off. "The Finleys" came as a result of our love of shark stuff. He's been my bud ever since. Find more about Chris Garrett here:

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Sharks that are cursed to live in chum buckets and learn to adjust to living on land with humans, starring Wyatt Finley, the Great Wyatt Shark! He and his family live in the town called Bermuda, where ANYTHING can happen!

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